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Thomas Petrou Filled Dixie D’Amelio’s room with Noah Beck’s Explicit Pictures

T homas Petrou in one of the creative heads behind The Hype House. Though he doesn’t make many Tiktoks but he is very famous for his vlogs. A few weeks ago, he uploaded the vlog in which Thomas filled Charli D’Amelio’s room with Lil Huddy’s pictures. People who have been following Thomas’ vlogs for a really long time know that he really loves to surprise his friends by putting pictures of their crushes, or ex-lovers, all over their bedrooms. And he just posted a vlog a few hours ago in which he surprised Dixie by filling her room with Noah Beck’s explicit pictures. Dayumn, I badly need a friend like Thomas in my life. But my crush changes like every other day so maybe it’s not a good idea. Oh, and fans are super excited for Dixie and Noah who finally made their relationship official.

Thomas Petrou surprises Dixie D’Amelio with sizzling pictures of Noah Beck

We all know that Dixie lived with her parents but she just got a separate apartment. And Thomas planned on surprising her by pasting explicit pictures of Noah Beck all over her room.

“I’m going to be filling Dixie’s room with pictures of Noah. But I’m going to be doing it a little bit differently this time. It’s a little inappropriate picture of Noah. But I had to censor it because YouTube wouldn’t like this.”

And when Thomas Petrou asks Noah Beck if he is going to be upset with Dixie D’Amelio if she takes all of his pictures down from her room. Noah goes like, ‘we should just put superglue on the back of them’. Noah is a whole mood.

Thomas Petrou Noah Beck

Fast forward the video to 5:55 if you don’t want to miss Dixie’s reaction when she enters her room.

“I don’t wanna look, he is nak*d.”

I swear I just died laughing so hard. Noah Beck is partially na*ed in the pictures. Because we can still see v-cut-and-abs. But thankfully a soccer ball is hiding his private parts. And the way Dixie questions Noah if something is wrong with him made me laugh even harder. Like come on Dixie, you know what’s wrong with Noah. He is truly, madly, and deeply in love with you. While peaking at the walls, Dixie says her mother is coming over to her apartment so these pictures were not a good idea. What did Thomas do?

Thomas facetimed Dixie’s mom Heidi D’Amelio, & sister Charli to know their reaction.

Heidi: Shut up, oh my god.

Charli: Oh, no

But Noah’s mom truly deserves an Oscar because her reaction was the coolest.

“My Gosh, oh Geez, how lucky is she?”

I am loving this vlog a little too much. And if you fast forward it to 6:59, Noah makes a kissing face and Dixie just covers her lips. Aren’t these two totally adorable?

Last but not the least, Thomas mentioned in the vlog that he, Noah, and Dixie would sign 5 of these pictures and give them to 5 lucky winners. The details are mentioned in the vlog’s description.

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