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The Weeknd had creepiest threes*me in explicit yet deep AF music video

The Weeknd had creepiest threes*me in explicit yet deep AF music video

It’s not “too late” to watch the latest music video dropped by The Weeknd. Abel Tesfaye released his 4th album After Hours this year in March. And after all these months, it makes sense to drop the music video of his song, Too Late, when Halloween is right around the corner. All of the music videos dropped so far have a connection between them. And this video starts off with a decapitated The Weeknd, with his head alone on the road. What’s creepier is that somehow he ended up having a threes*me with two ladies, while he was dead. That too with necrophilia vibes.

The Weeknd goes ballistic in his new music video

Ballistic because this video is definitely going to cause an explosion. The Weeknd’s bodyless head is lying in the middle of the road when a car with two LA girls approaches it. The ladies are discussing plastic surgeries, after returning from their recent surgery session. And they are discussing about how this latest plastic surgery would finally be the one they were looking for.

Anyways, they find the Abel head on the road and instead of calling police, take that head to their home. The video turns explicit from there, where the two girls, with bandages all over their face, are swimming and dancing provocatively with the dead head. The Weeknd’s head, being dead, is lifeless and emotionless while the girls lick his face and kiss him.

Next, they hire a stripper, dress him like The Weeknd, decapitate him and sew The Weeknd’s head on the headless stripper body. Why? Just so they could have a threes*me with The Weeknd. (fantasizing about the famous celebrity and not wasting any time to turn those fantasies into reality, uncomfortable necrophilia vibes for sure). 

While at the same time, the lyrics of the Too Late song are:

I tell myself I should get over you
I said ooh, I know I’d rather be all over you
I’m trying, trying, but I, I just want your body
R*ding slow on top of me, girl, on top of me

There is another thing confusing me. Since it was The Weeknd’s head and male stripper’s body, was it a threes*me or a fours*me?

Message behind the song

Like other songs of After Hours album, The Weeknd sings about his broken heart and lost love in Too Late as well. It’s safe to assume, again, that this song is about The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid. The two had an on-again, off-again relationship for a while and then they broke up.

I let you down, I led you on
I never thought I’d be here without you
Don’t let me drown inside your arms
Bad thoughts inside my mind
When the darkness comes, you’re my light, baby

The Weeknd has dated Selena Gomez as well. However, Bella Hadid has been his true love and he is using his songs to tell it to her. Throughout the album, The Weeknd sings about regrets and redemption. And his sole focus is just to get one more chance to hold his lover [read: Bella] close. In Too Late, he is also getting sick of “sources” [tabloids?] assuming his relationship is permanently over.

I can’t trust where I live anymore
Sources say that we’re done, how would they know?
We’re in Hell, it’s disguised as a paradise with flashing lights
I just wanna believe there’s so much more

The hell disguised as a paradise with flashing lights is a shade at the celebrity life. All the celebrities have tabloids and paparazzi following them everywhere, flashing cameras.

All the more reason to escape from LA?

The music video

While the lyrics are as deep as any other song of The Weeknd for After Hours, the video continues to add more meaning to the songs. In the ‘Too Late’ music video, the Weeknd shades the LA life, and how everyone is getting those fake plastic surgeries. The video also highlights the greediness those two LA girls show after finding The Weeknd’s head on the road.

They do not call the police and leave the head where it was for forensic reasons. Instead, the girls pick his head after, apparently, recognizing who he is (or was). Making out with the head of a celebrity in the pool, watching TV with it, everything keeps making the video creepier. Lusting after his wealth, fame, they get so enamored that the lifeless head does not even bother them at all.

And about the erotic lust, the ladies find a solution of that through what seems to be a shade at deepfakes. A Reddit user has face-swapped celebrities with porn stars. The deepfakes account on Reddit was using software to turn its biggest fantasies of watching favorite celebrities having s*x on camera.

Turning that deepfakes scene into reality, the two girls literally face-swapped and used stripper’s body with The Weeknd’s head, doing it with such an ease that it’s all natural to them. The whole scene does not disgust them as they stay doing whatever they do inside the mansion. Meanwhile, we see a girl jogging with her dog outside on the road, not knowing what’s happening inside of the huge beautiful mansion.

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