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The Weeknd Is Back On Instagram With A Surprise

The Weeknd Instagram Is ACTIVATED

Abel Tesfaye has been dropping small hints and teasing his fans with random Tweets on-and-off. Since he was not available on Instagram, his only contact with the audience was through YouTube and Twitter. However, the YouTube account was not posting any music. (we all know that very well). However, we will be getting some more information, teasers, or probably direct announcements from him now as The Weeknd Instagram is finally reactivated.

The Weeknd Instagram
The Weeknd INstagram

Surprise By Abel & Fans Reaction

If you check The Weeknd Instagram account, you’ll see his “Bio” says “Loading…”. It means Abel is back on Instagram after completing his album, or probably 99% of the album work. (There are chances that we might be reading too much between the lines. But c’mon guys, that’s something..isn’t it? )

And we are not alone in thinking he is back with the album this time.

Well, the blue tick is there, 20.8 million followers are there, “loading” bio is there, all we need is a confirmation on The Weeknd Instagram. Specifically one with a release date and an album poster. A teaser of any of the upcoming tracks will help a lot as well.