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The Turning | Is Finn Wolfhard’s Movie as good as expected?

The Turning, a Universal Pictures’ film, hit the screens on January 24, 2020. It is an American Horror film, based on Henry James’ novel, The Turn of the Screw. Over the past, there have been many adaptations of the novel. The Turning’s cast includes; Finn Wolfhard, whom we have seen and loved in “Stranger Things” and “It”; Mackenzie Davis; and Brooklynn Prince. Even though the cast was good, the movie suffered and has garnered negative reviews overall.

The Turning | Production problems

The main problem was the film’s production history. Believe it or not, they started working on the adaptation in 2016, which was then called “Haunted”. The casting directors had Rose Leslie (John Snow’s Ygritte) in mind. Before the filming started, the development had already cost them around five million dollars. But despite this fact, Dreamworks ordered to improve the script. So they started work on the improvement, and The Turning became the title, and the cast was updated as well. The schedule of the film release was in 2019, but as we know, it happened in 2020.

Flop writing job

As I said,  The Turn of the Screw has had many adaptations. Maybe it is because of this reason, that the writers of The Turning decided to step things up a little. The novel is basically set in 1898. And the first mistake the writers made was, they set The Turning in 1994. It just didn’t go with the whole thing, or maybe they didn’t try enough. Apart from that, the main critique has been about the poor writing and script of the film. The actors tried their best, but if the writing is weak, there is no way.

The talented Mr. Finn Wolfhard

The Turning has an IMDB score of 3.7/10. Pretty much all the reviews say something like this:

Despite the talented cast and atmospheric production design, this adaptation suffers from both a sluggish plot and an unnecessarily abrupt ending.

Have you seen the movie yet?