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The Simpsons Predictions: Real Or Hoax?

The Simpsons Predictions: Real Or Hoax?

The Simpsons has been airing on Fox since 1989. It has a total of 30 seasons and every season is more unpredictable than the previous one. However, speaking of being unpredictable, The Simpsons is famous for one thing. Predicting the future. I know, ironic. But hear me out. It has predicted the 9/11 attack, Donald Trump’s presidency, Coronavirus, Tom Hanks contracting the virus, among other things. This led to people thinking the creators of The Simpsons may be psychic. Or they may have a time machine.

However, that’s not the case. The Simpsons’ creators, Matt Groening and James L. Brooks are not psychic or time travelers. There are a lot of people on the internet who have debunked how these predictions come about. And it’s quite simple.

How Does ‘The Simpsons’ Make Its Predictions?

Episodes of the show air a year after they’re produced. So the writers and creators think about what would be happening a year after. And they incorporate that into their script.

As per The New York Times, William Irwin, whose book “The Simpsons and Philosophy” has for years been taught in college courses at The University of California, Berkeley, and other schools, says the show is the product of many Harvard educated brilliant minds. He is also the chairman of philosophy at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Thus the show includes references to literature, pop culture, music, art, politics, and science among others.

“When that many smart people produce a television show, it’s bound to make some startling ‘predictions,’” William Irwin said.

The writers have a forward-thinking approach when it comes to The Simpsons. For example, in an episode where they predicted Walt Disney would acquire 20th Century Fox, the writers were only thinking ahead as to what could happen. The deal “was just another one,” Al Jean, the show-runner and original writer, said. “It happens. There’s always mergers. It seemed logical, you know?”

“If you make enough predictions then 10% will turn out to be right,” Al said.

However, this does seem far fetched. And there’s a lot that can’t be explained, even by the writers. They rule it off as sheer coincidence. But it does seem a little fishy for one show to have that many coincidences that just hit the nail right on the head. I guess, The Simpsons is just one of those things in the world that can’t be explained.