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The Rock empowers daughters this International Women’s Day

The Rock’s daughters are lucky indeed

With his middle one, Jasmine, he shared a post saying the world will hear from you one day. That’s for sure, with such beautiful eyes.

With his youngest one, Tia, he shared a video while holding her in his arms. He asked her to repeat affirmations and she did so in her tiny voice. And like every other dad, The Rock is in a bit of competition with Tia’s mom for Tia’s love. The game of “who does Tia think is the best”? Watch the inspiring and cute father-daughter moment below:

Lastly, it was his favorite Aunt Dorothy’s turn. She’s “89 years young”, Rock’s words, not mine. She drove up to his house to celebrate the day and he is proud of her. She looks like a boss lady. The Rock is like a light in our lives, sharing motivational bits every other day. So, it’s good to see his source of motivation for a change.