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The Many Saints Of Newark Release Is Delayed

The Many Saints Of Newark Release Is Delayed

We have received news that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the prequel to the Sopranos 'The Many Saints of Newark' is delayed till March 2021.

We have previously talked about how Coronavirus has infected Hollywood really badly. It seems like it has taken another casualty and this time it’s the Sopranos, or specifically, its prequel. Warner Bros confirmed the delay in the release of The Many Saints of Newark.

The Sopranos prequel takes a hit from COVID-19

With every major Hollywood production delayed, it seemed a bit optimistic that The Many Saints of Newark was still set to release on September 25th, 2020. Sadly, our worst fears have come true. Warner Bros. is now eyeing a release date of 12th March 2021 for The Sopranos prequel.

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting theatre closure has taken another victim. Things are looking so down for Hollywood that the industry took a $20 billion hit back in March. This is why the delay in the release of The Many Saints of Newark didn’t come as a surprise. The prequel has taken a 6-month delay and can be expected in theatres on March 12th, 2021.

We understand that The Sopranos fans are heartbroken upon hearing this news. Every one of us was looking forward to seeing Michael Gandolfini play his father’s iconic role as Tony Soprano. It was the role that made James Gandolfini the icon he is today. But sadly, we’ll have to wait for The Sopranos prequel a little while longer.

A lot of Sopranos’ content awaits

For instance, you can follow the Talking Sopranos Podcast. It’s a weekly podcast with Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli as co-hosts. In case you didn’t know, that’s Bobby Bacala and Christopher Moltisanti we’re talking about. They do an episode by episode breakdown of the show, revealing things that happened behind the scenes. In fact, it’s the best way to catch up on the show to be prepared for The Many Saints of Newark. You can follow the podcast on their YouTube channel here.

Moreover, you can even watch The Sopranos for free at HBO GO. So, no need to worry. You ave a lot of The Sopranos to look forward to before The Many Saints of Newark hits the theatres.