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The Many Saints of Newark: New Updates

The Many Saints of Newark: New Updates

We take a look at recent developments on the Sopranos' prequel "The Many Saints of Newark", such as the cast, plot, and production.

Ever since ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ was announced, Sopranos fans have been on the edge of their seats. Fans have been missing the show like crazy for the past 14 years. Honestly, it’s very difficult for them to wait for another 5 months for the prequel to hit the cinemas. Meanwhile, fans continue to live in the dark as no trailer has surfaced yet. However, there are some updates on the film that we would like to share with the eagerly waiting fans.

Some familiar faces in the film

The bad news is, that we won’t be seeing the same actors as the Sopranos. However, we will be seeing some of the same characters that we fell in love with, in the show. So far, we have reason to believe that Silvio Dante will be a part of the plot. Recently, these pictures surfaced on Reddit of actor John Magaro on the set of ‘The Many Saints of Newark’. To be honest, he is looking a lot like Silvio Dante, with his grumpy face and fancy hair and suit.

The Many Saints of Newark: New Updates
John Magaro

In the words of Paulie Gualtieri, is that Pacino or is that Pacino? Spittin’ image. Speaking of Paulie, we might have reason to believe that Billy Magnussen might be playing his character in ‘The Many Saints of Newark’. Along with Silvio, his images also appeared on set though slightly blurred.

The Many Saints of Newark: New Updates
Billy Magnussen

These pictures give us an indication that young Tony Soprano might be teaming up with the old gang. Chances are we might get to see more of Jackie Aprile and Salvatore “P*ssy” Bonpensiero. This is exciting news, as fans didn’t see much of these revered characters in the show. Seeing them might give us more context as to how important they were in the Sopranos. Therefore, we will get to know a lot about our favorite show from ‘The Many Saints of Newark’. That much is clearly evident.

Moreover, with David Chase in the production and screenplay, and Alan Taylor at the director’s seat, the fans can be sure that they’re in for a treat in September. But many’s eyes are set on Michael Gandolfini, and how he’ll fill Tony’s shoes.

Michael Gandolfini – so far so good

Due to James Gandolfini’s untimely death, the idea of a sequel film was canceled. However, when fans heard that his son Michael will be filling in his shoes, it gave the fans a lot of teary eyes. Seeing the son of the legendary actor fill his shoes was heartwarming. Moreover, James Bernthal has told in an interview about the hard work Michael Gandolfini is putting in the film. He mentioned in the following interview:

Many Saints of Newark, The Sopranos

This shows how dedicated Michael is to ‘The Many Saints of Newark’. He understands the value of this project, and what his father James Gandolfini was able to achieve. He is taking a keen interest in the show and watched all the episodes before the start of the movie. When Tony Soprano brought pizza for A.J. and said “He couldn’t have wished for a better son”, Michael said that he knew James meant that for him.

Many Saints of Newark, The Sopranos

The diner from the finale is in the film

Rumors say that New Jersey’s Holsten Ice Cream Parlour and Eatery will be a part of prequel. This is important because it is the diner where the final scene of the finale was shot! This means that the fans might get some closure over the series finale that left everyone confused 14 years ago.

All in all, we can say that the hype for ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ is very real. All we can do is count the days till it releases. Originally it was to release in 2020 but the date has been pushed to 2021.