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The Kid LAROI & Scooter Braun Have Fake Beef To Promote New Song

One of the biggest, successful and most impactful manager in the music industry is Scooter Braun. Braun has been managing most of the significant names in Hollywood. He has been a manager to international sensation Justin Bieber since his debut days or even before. He also manages ‘God Is A Woman’ singer and pop princess Ariana Grande. Additionally, Demi Lovato has also signed with Scooter and his company SB projects after she left her previous toxic label. This new rising kid, an Australian rapper, the Kid LAROI got to have a collaboration with Justin Bieber which helped his career to skyrocket. Scooter signed the Kid LAROI in June 2021 and he parted ways with Braun in September to work with Adam Leber at Rebel Management.

The Kid LAROI TikTok Shading Scooter Braun

Before parting ways with Scooter Braun, the kid LAROI made a song with one of Braun’s clients, Justin Bieber. The song is called ‘Stay’ and it has been one of the most successful collaboration of 2021. The song went viral on TikTok and elevated the name of the Kid LAROI to the top. He gained many nominations to his name since then. Justin and LAROI’s friendship also blossomed as well as LAROI has thanked Justin for changing his life in his birthday post too. However, LAROI parted ways from Scooter Braun in September. Many people believed that Scooter is not paying attention or willing to spend on LAROI which is why he left. But no statement was ever released.

Almost a week ago, the Kid LAROI took to his TikTok account and called Scooter Braun ‘a mistake’. There’s a song playing in the background ‘Thousand Miles’ which is LAROI’s own brand new song releasing on April 2022. The video caption of the TikTok says, ‘Show me your last mistake. use this sound’ and a picture of Braun pops out. The internet took hold of the video in less than a second and the news went viral.

Feud between Scooter and the Kid LAROI

Fans instantly took notice of the video. Some were happy, especially Taylor Swift fans who have bad blood with Scooter since his and Swift’s conflict. Beliebers and LAROI fans also came rushing in laughing and mocking Braun. Basically, its believed that Scooter does not pay attention to all his clients and leave them when he can’t benefit from them. Fans have noticed it through Madison Beer opening about working under him. Moreover, there have been other small clients who have spoken against him.

In some hours, Scooter took to his Instagram stories and laughed about the whole situation. He showed the screenshots of LAROI and Braun talking where he shows him the video before posting. Eventually, it was all an idea and pre-planned strategy to promote LAROI’s latest song. Now, fans are left shocked but it was expected from Scooter who knows how to play with the Internet.

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