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'The Kenan Show' Starring Kenan Thompson Coming to NBC

‘The Kenan Show’ Starring Kenan Thompson Coming to NBC

Kenan Thompson Comedy "The Kenan Show" is set for another NBC series.

It seems like the comedian, Kenan Thompson, has no plans of quitting NBC anytime soon. The heart and soul of Saturday Night Live is all set for another series for The Kenan Show. Besides starring in the show, Thompson is also the executive producer. It’s part of the Universal TV and Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video.

Kenan Thompson and SNL are Inseparable

He is certainly one of the most enjoyed and loved actors in the show. Even though SNL is expanding its portfolio, it is going nowhere. The show and Kenan Thompson are inseparable. He recently shared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

It’s the best job in the world. I can’t see myself just walking away from it like that, even with how busy I’ve been with another show on NBC called Bring the Funny.

Bring The Funny is a reality TV show, which makes a total of three comedy series on NBC under his belt. Kenan Thompson seems all fueled up for the task but still, the network is deciding on giving him some room to breathe. The accommodations include either shifting the launch of the new season midway or moving the production of the new show to the hometown of SNL in New York.

A Brief Insight Into The New Show

The story of Chris Rock directed by The Kenan Show, revolves around a man (Kenan Thompson), who is trying hard to raise two adorable daughters and also manage a full-time job. His father-in-law in the show, Andy Garcia, tries to help him in the most undesirable ways. The show also stars Punam Patel.

Michaels has been quite supportive of Kenan Thompson throughout his career. The two are closely bonded. They are trying to make a plan that is acceptable to everyone on the team.