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The Deep And Twisted Meaning Behind Justin Bieber's Yummy

The Deep And Twisted Meaning Behind Justin Bieber’s Yummy

You might remember Justin Bieber’s Yummy? It released back in January of 2020. Which seems like a very long time ago cause so much has happened since.

So when Justin Bieber released this new track called Yummy, we all were a little skeptical. The images he put up on his Instagram account were of babies and pizza. And to be honest, it was a little disgusting and pedo-like.

But Justin promoted the song pretty heavily. He really wanted us to give it a listen. And watch the video. Which was also pretty creepy, not gonna lie. But we didn’t pay attention at the time.

However, during a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin revealed the meaning behind the song. He said “Yummy” was basically about his and wife, Hailey Bieber’s sex life.

But a new theory took birth on Twitter and blew up massively. And that is of Justin Bieber exposing the elites who are pedophiles and have a huge child sex trafficking ring, known as Pizzagate.

When you google the word, a Wikipedia page pops up that calls the pizzagate theory a debunked theory that spread during the 2016 USA Presidential Election. We won’t get into it much. Let’s see why the internet thinks Yummy is about pedophiles.

What Is Yummy About? The mind-blowing theory

Watch the video here before we get into it.

The music video for Yummy starts off with Justin entering a restaurant through the back door. That symbolizes how elites and powerful people are using the backdoor for this child sex trafficking business.

At the restaurant, kids are the only entertainers while the adults (rich adults=elites) are eating. Special emphasis is on the girl in the red dress. This will be important later.

Justin sits down and the only people in the restaurant are like old people. If you notice more closely, when Justin is eating, none of the older people are. They keep getting up and switching. Then comes a moment when Justin finds the food very “yummy.” His chin is elongated and eyes pop out. This is very subtle and it hints that he has now been drugged. And that’s when the other food comes out.

You might notice, the food that comes out then that the adults start eating is pretty unappetizing and disgusting. But the old people seem to enjoying it. Kind of like pedophilia. Although its the most disgusting thing on the planet, pedophiles enjoy it.

There are also a couple of look alikes. First we have John Podesta. A huge name that has more often than not been linked to pedophilia. Then we have L.A Reid, Justin’s producer when he was young. He made very creepy remarks about Justin once upon a time, calling him “beautiful like a woman.” It is understandable from “Yummy” that he might’ve abused Justin back when he was his producer.

And the last personality is Jenny McCarthy who once kissed young Justin Bieber’s neck publicly which JB later admitted felt like a violation of his privacy. The lady in the “Yummy” music video has the same hair and earrings that Jenny was wearing when this incident occurred.

Then the party starts. But after the party ends, you might notice a red dress behind Justin. Which symbolizes that the red girl we saw in the start playing those instruments, has been abused during the party. And maybe even killed. The John Podesta look alike is sitting, still eating. Which means he is still molesting children. And the L.A Reid lookalike is cleaning up everyone’s mess. Again, a symbol.

If you still don’t understand what it all means, you can search “Yummy Pizzagate” on Twitter. You’ll understand. You can also watch the clip in the tweet below. And once you read up on it and it blows your mind, you can hit me up on Twitter and we can talk about it.

Oh and until then, let me just leave this here.

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