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The Craft Reboot has a connection to the original 1996 movie

The Craft Reboot has a connection to the original 1996 movie

The brand-new trailer for the remake of the movie The Craft: Legacy was unveiled on the 29th of September. The trailer showed a direct connection to the original cult hit film from 1996 when one particular witch appeared in it.

The trailer of the sequel showed a connection to the original film when Nancy Downs’ Polaroid was shown in one of the scenes. Nancy Downs was played by actress Fairuza Balk in the original movie.

Although Zoe Lister-Jones, writer and director of the film, initially indicated that the remake will not have any connection to the original film the sudden appearance of the polaroid suggests otherwise.

This film by Zoe Lister-Jones follows the same structure and storyline as the original movie from 1996. It shows a trio of witches who practice witchcraft awaiting the arrival of the 4th witch. The four witches are required to represent the four elements of magic that the witches do.

The cast and story of the new movie

The classic 1996  movie stars Neve Campbell as Bonnie Harper. Robin Tunney as Sarah Bailey, who is also the newest addition to the clan. Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs. Rachel True as Rochelle Zimmerman.

Although, the new reboot movie stars new faces Gideon Adlon, Zoey Luna, Lovie Simone, and Cailee Spaeny. Moreover, David Duchovny is also joining the cast.

The movie’s producer, Douglas Wick, revealed that the movie is going to follow the same plot with further changes influenced by the addition of Nancy Down’s polaroid.

The trailer also revealed that amid tension in the clan the trio of witches will cast a binding spell of the new witch to stop her from doing something. This could mean that one of them would inevitably be inspired by Nancy’s desire for the greatest power.

This could be harmful to Cailee Spaeny’s Lily. The polaroid scene appeared right when the witches went too far with their magic.

Nancy Downs’ impact on The Craft

Although Fairuza Balk will not return as Nancy Downs. But her character will still make a big impact in the film story. The scene when she makes an appearance in the trailer is taken from a scene in the original movie. Where Rochelle, Bonnie, and Nancy face Sarah in the school bathroom for wanting to leave their coven.

At this moment, their spells were working very well as Sarah tried to leave to protect herself and loved ones from the harms Nancy’s desire for power could cause. The existence of the polaroid could mean two things about Lily: She would either become as dangerous as Nancy or she could be a warning for Nancy part two.

While it was presumed that viewers would not see its release of the movie for at least another year. Surprisingly, it was announced that the movie will release in October of 2020.