Here’s the Corinna Kopf – Bryce Hall feud explained, which started when she refused to sleep with him

Corinna Kopf approved Bryce Hall's recent mullet debut. However, shortly after the two social media stars began their Twitter feud.

Before I begin the actual story, do any of you ever found mullets hot? Unfortunately, Corinna Kopf thinks so. Recently, Bryce Hall debuted a new hairstyle, courtesy of Jeff Wittek. In a tweet, Kopf expressed her thoughts on the hairstyle. Shortly after, Hall showed his interest in the tweet. However, she instantly shut him down, and hence the feud began. And the two have been throwing shade back and forth. Needless to say, things are getting out of hand and some people on the internet are joining in the drama.

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Few weeks ago, Corinna Kopf shared some inappropriate things about David Dobrik

Although Corinna is a huge name in the social media world, her fame began with David Dobrik. When she started appearing in Vlog Squad videos and gained popularity. However, she has become a popular Facebook streamer since then. A few weeks back, Kopf shared her wish to sleep with Dobrik, who is her longtime friend. However, he rejected her offer by saying that he would not be able to do anything. Corinna Kopf shared this story in a video posted by David Dobrik.

Corinna Kopf Bryce Hall

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Recently, Bryce Hall debuted a mullet and Corinna Kopf had something to say

Here's The Corinna Kopf - Bryce Hall Feud Explained, Which Started When She Refused To Sleep With Him

In a tweet, Hall shared his hairstyle and called himself a mullet Daddy. After he appeared on Jeff Wittek’s Jeff’s Barbershop, Bryce Hall debuted it on social media.

Shortly after, Corinna Kopf made a comment and tweeted:

okay but why are mullets so hot all of a sudden

In response to this, Hall retweeted it. Although it was clear that Corinna Kopf noticed Hall’s mullet, she instantly denied it and thus began a feud.

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Interestingly, a mullet feud began on TikTok and Twitter

After Corinna Kopf denied that it was Hall’s mullet that got her attention, she also talked about it in her live stream. She said:

“F**king, Bryce Hall quote tweeted me and I don’t want to be mean, but I also wanted to reply and be like, ‘No. Just no.’ Like, no offense, but you are not the mullet that made me tweet, ‘Mullets are hot.’”

Corinna Kopf Bryce Hall

This really offended Bryce Hall and he took it to heart. He took to Twitter and responded:

daily reminder to the stuck up insta girls: facetune doesn’t work irl

After that, he directed mentioned Corinna Kopf and said:

btw @CorinnaKopf my tweet at u was a joke buddy.. u didn’t need to go air me out on ur twitch stream lol.. just remember, what happens in vegas stays in vegas 😙

While many started speculating about what exactly happened in Las Vegas, Hall explained in a comment on TikTok that Kopf had made advances at him when he was underage. However, this really pissed Corinna Kopf off and she said:

oh bryce here’s the attention you so desperately desire, before making outlandish accusations on tiktok about visiting u while under 18 u should’ve remembered the photos & videos taken are time stamped… did i really bruise your ego when i decided not to sleep with you?

While Hall is very much still into the feud, it seems that Corinna Kopf has decided to end it here. After this tweet, she chose not to respond any further. However, we all know social media stars are unpredictable. Therefore, we look forward to more drama from these two.

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