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Tfue LEAKS Mr. Beast's Number during Live Stream!

Tfue LEAKS Mr. Beast’s Number during Live Stream!

During the recent all-star Rock Papers Scissors tournament hosted by Mr. Beast, his number was accidentally revealed by the former FaZe Clan member, Tfue!

Mr. Beast is one of the most generous YouTubers. The videos in which he gives away money to the people in need are literally heartwarming. Due to COVID-19, he can’t follow his regular style of content. But that didn’t stop “Jimmy” from arranging a virtual all-star tournament with a whopping $250K charity on the line. However, little did we know that Mr. Beast’s number would be out during the course of this tournament!

Mr. Beast’s All-Star Rock Paper Scissors Tournament!

Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast Number

Mr. Beast’s YouTube content lacks any and all sorts of drama. His main focus is to put out quality content on a regular basis. He donates money, participates in and hosts exciting challenges and whatnot!

Due to his uncontroversial nature, he is friends with most of the top YouTube influencers. Recently, he decided to get all of his YouTuber friends together and make them “FIGHT TO THE DEATH” in a $250K Rock Paper Scissors tournament for charity.

Influencers like KSI, David Dobrik, Addison Rae, Jeffree Star, Ninja, Tfue, etc. were the participants.

Tfue Leaks Mr. Beast’s Number!

Since the tournament was virtual, influencers had to join Mr. Beast’s stream. So, they were advised to not start their own live streams. But apparently, Tfue didn’t get the memo.

The former FaZe Clan member started his own Twitch stream while he was in the tournament. Not only did he accidentally cause the stream link to be revealed (resulting in hundreds and thousands of viewers trying to join the all-star stream), but he also (unintentionally) revealed his DMs with Mr. Beast, in which the ladder had given the former his PHONE NUMBER! Ouch, talk about messing up.

Tfue tried to shift the blame on Ninja and garnered a response from him, his wife, and even KSI! The former FaZe Clan member then apologized to Mr. Beast.

Aside from this inconvenience, the tournament was pretty fun. It showed how strong the internet community actually is when there is unity among the influencers. Here’s to more fun collaborations in the future!