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Tayler Holder wishes happiness for Charly Jordan amid rumor that she's dating Logan Paul

Tayler Holder wishes happiness for Charly Jordan amid rumor that she’s dating Logan Paul

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder have broken up for a while. Although they both wished each other well, they got into a a bit of a drama when the Sway House documentary premiered. The show featured Tayler’s break-up with Charly where he is talking about the situation in-depth. Charly was not okay with their breakup being presented on the show so openly when her perspective wasn’t also shown. Tayler clarified that she was offered to present her view but chose not to. However, they both ended up resolving the matter and moving on. Then rumors emerged that Logan Paul might be dating Charly Jordan.

Last week, Jake Paul’s anticipated boxing match with Ben Askren premiered and Charly Jordan attended the match with Logan Paul

Throughout the week, we saw Charly Jordan hanging in close proximity with Logan Paul and the rest of his gang. She even popped up in several pictures that Logan Paul had posted on his social media about the event. Logan Paul has recently broken up with his girlfriend Josie Canseco.

Many speculated that something was going on between Charly Jordan and Logan Paul.

She was also seen hanging out with Logan’s Impaulsive podcast co-hosts and best friends, George Janko and Mike Majlak:

The same day Tayler Holder tweeted out, ‘It’s crazy how fast someone can f**k your night up’ which many speculated was about Charly Jordan and Logan Paul.

Tayler Holder reacts to the dating rumors of Charly Jordan and Logan Paul

While speaking to Hollywood Fix, the paprazzi YouTube channel, Tayler Holder talked about the Charly dating Logan rumor. He says that he wishes nothing but happiness for Charly.

At the end of the day bro, I just hope she’s happy

When the interviewer asked her if he could see a possible reconciliation between himself and Charly Jordan, Tayler Holder responded by saying:

Who knows what God has in the future? I think she’s amazing, bro. She has a lot of great things about her. I think it was just maybe bad timing at the moment, and that’s completely okay

Tayler Holder is currently focusing on his upcoming TikTokers Vs YouTubers match happening next month. He also shared that he has new music coming soon.

As of now, there is no confirmation news from Logan Paul or Charly Jordan about their relationship.

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