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Tavi Castro-Peter Versluis Fued | An Update

Body Engineers CEO Tavi Castro has accused business partner of extortion. The spouse to Bulgarian fitness model Yanita Yancheva is accusing Peter Versluis of breaking into his house in a recent video. However, in an exclusive interview with fitness YouTuber Kenny KO, Versluis shares some shocking information about the feud.

What is the On-going Tavi Castro Peter Versluis Feud about?

According to Musclemania champion and Body Engineers CEO, the company and his family are under attack. The Dutch-Canadian bodybuilder is accusing a business partner of extortion. The on-going Tavi Castro Peter Versluis feud has become the talk of the town in the past few weeks. The Mexican-born, Octavio Maginnis Castro claims that Peter has been trying to break into his house and Body Engineers HQ.

The drama forced Peter Versluis to share his side in an exclusive interview with Kenny Boulet of the Kenny KO YouTube channel. Until now, all sympathies were on Tavi Castro’s side but the revelations by his business partner have opened up a new pandora-box.

According to Peter (a ship-manufacturer), Tavi Castro doesn’t have a good reputation as far as business is concerned. He refers to Tavi’s dealing with professional kick-boxer Rico during the video call with Kenny KO.

I have a very good friend Rico. He is a world-champion kickboxer and I know Tavi only because of him. At the time, Rico was trying to work with Tavi Castro and invested more than $78,000 but lost all his money. Rico never got any shares or even the money back.

Is Peter Threatening Body Engineers CEO?

While responding to allegations of breaking into Tavi’s house and Body Engineers HQ, Peter Versluis tells Kenny KO that these are all lies. Kenny KO asks him point-blank if he’s threatening Tavi Castro, his family, and his company. Peter had this to say:

I don’t know where he lives, I was never there. Nobody was there. I am completely shocked by what he is accusing me of. Tavi Castro is not telling the truth.

He told Kenny KO that he owns 50% of the shares in Body Engineers and wanted Tavi Castro to grow. After investing around $1 million last year, Peter Versluis became an official partner. He tells Kenny KO that in the past few months Tavi has been causing some problems. This led to Pete taking legal actions against him:

 I go to the court and the court gives me the right to block some of his finances and the stock of the latest Body Engineers 2020 collection. It is completely paid by my company.

What is Peter asking for from Tavi Castro?

In this exclusive interview with Kenny KO, Peter Versluis clarifies that he means no harm to Tavi Castro and still wants to see him grow.

My company and I are only asking for the right things. I allowed him to keep 75% of the profit from the 2020 collection and pay my only 25%. I know it will take longer but I’m willing to wait and come to a more reasonable settlement. Tavi Castro didn’t agree with this either so I took the matters to the court and blocked the stock.

The interview amid the Tavi Castro Peter Versluis feud is raising serious questions on the business dealings and it will be interesting to see a response from Castro.