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Tati Westbrook says Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson manipulated her against James Charles

Tati Westbrook finally breaks the silence over the biggest drama of the year. As we all know, Tati, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, and James Charles were close together. They used to hang out all the time and were there for each other no matter what. But Tati and James’ friendship went for a swim in the Bermuda Triangle.

When James Charles sponsored Sugar Bear Hair and publicly promoted it, Tati felt sad about the whole thing as he never supported her supplement company ‘Halo Beauty.’ Westbrook following a lead with her two friends ‘Jeffree and Shane’ accused James of being a monster and predator.

Tati Westbrook Finally Breaks Silence Over The Dramageddon

A couple of days ago, an old friend of Jeffree Star, Kameron Lestor, talked about the Tati x James drama. According to him, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson were the masterminds behind the whole thing.

Then a YouTuber named Ashlye Kyle shared a couple of screenshots in which Jeffree is feeding her some information regarding James and that he and Shane think something bad will happen to the very young and talented YouTuber in a couple of days.

Later, Shane came out and denied all the accusations of him being a part of the Tati x James drama.

And finally, a couple of hours ago, Tati Westbrook came out with a vicious YouTube video titled ‘BREAKING MY SILENCE.’

As you can see, she has mentioned at the beginning of the video that she will only be reading things that her lawyers approve:

“I am a woman of faith and I have been praying every day over this event, scandal, whatever you want to name it and U just ask that you press pause for a moment or ten seconds and just cover this in prayer. Because there is so much healing that needs to take place. There was a lot of injustice and there is a lot of truth that needs to come forward.”

Tati and James are close again

Tati explained that James visited her in Los Angeles. After Jeffree and Shane’s drama episode ended in December. They compared the DMs, Text messages, and whatever happened behind the scenes.

She further mentioned that she had already apologized to James and was patiently waiting to share her part of the story. James wanted to be with her in the video, but Tati felt it would be better for her to speak on this matter alone.

“Because he deserves my first apology and I am very sorry James. And I have said that privately but I want you to hear it publicly. I am sorry.”

She explained all the good things about James. From attending social events to doing Tati’s makeup on her big day, he was with her throughout like a true friend.

Moreover, Tati says she didn’t lie in her original video:

“When I made my video, I expressed my opinions about James Charles’ behavior. I expressed how much a specific decision he made that I perceived as betrayal, hurt me. I was very worried and heartbroken. But I did not lie in that video. I never called James Charles a predator. And I never said that James Charles was a danger to this society.”

Westbrook further mentioned that she was not upset with James for accepting sponsorship with one of her rivals. It was never about the Vitamins. She made that video because of all the information fed to her by Jeffree and Shane.

Tati Westbrook Breaks Silence Over Jeffree Star’s Behavior

Talking about here and Jeffree’s friendship status, Tati mentions that the two have only met a couple of times, that too for a very short period. They used to talk through FaceTime, DMs, or text messages. And Jeffree always contacted her when he was involved in some new drama.

“One thing that he (Jeffree) did that did concern me a lot was how he would frequently comment about how much dirt he held on other brand owners and members of our YouTube community. I believe that he actually held bla*km*il material on many people. And was capable of destroying the entire community.”

She further added her opinion about what Jeffree is going to do:

“My opinion, he is gonna go off guys. And I think anyone, I don’t think he will hold back. And I think we need to be prepared to understand that we need to forgive the people that he is holding hostage veiled threats of exposure.”

That’s not it, guys. Things have just started to get uglier and uglier. Jeffree filled Tati’s heart with a lot of hate regarding James. He somehow sweet-talked Tati into being friends with Shane. And Shane, on the other hand, praised Tati immensely.

“Shane came over one afternoon in April and I opened up and shared things that I have only shared with my closest of friends. I shared that I have been the victim of s*x*al a**ault. I spoke about my faith and told him how deeply I feel for others…….

He also shared that Jeffree had wanted me (Tati) to have a small role in their docu-series. But the entire series was quickly changing because there was something horrible happening in our community with James Charles. He said that James Charles was a m*nster with many victims.”

Tati being a soft-hearted person, started believing all the things which were coming out of their mouth. Many things were said, and both Shane and Jeffree did many things.

With a very scared heart and mind, Tati somehow managed to gather some bits and pieces of evidence along with the help of her legal team. The evidence will prove that Jeffree and Shane were the masterminds behind the Tati x James feud.

Shane Dawson Reacts To Tati’s Video

It’s safe to say that Shane Dawson freaked out at the video that Tati posted. He even went live on his Instagram for two minutes and started cursing. You can see how upset he looks in the video. He is losing his mind.

This man stayed quiet when the Smiths called him out for his pedophilia jokes. But he went live to curse Tati, which the internet didn’t appreciate.

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