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Tall Girl’s Luke Eisner Takes a Step To Help Domestic Abuse Survivors

Luke Eisner has raised considerable popularity after the release of the Netflix movie Tall Girl. He stars alongside Ava Michelle, Sabrina Carpenter, and Griffin Gluck. He played the role of a Swedish exchange student Stig, who happens to be the only guy taller than the main girl Jodie. While his character wasn’t always good, the actor who plays him definitely is. Recently, Luke Eisner is highlighting the issue of domestic abuse. The actor is sharing ways on how you can help support the survivors.

Eisner Takes Action!

He posted a picture of himself along with a caption stating that with every 1 like the post gets, he’ll donate 1 cent in an effort to support families going through domestic abuse:

I’ll be donating 1 cent for every like on this photo up until 100,000 likes to try to put a stop to it. I’ll then put that $1,000 towards buying a list of supplies to help families seeking refuge

He made sure to include in that he would donate the money regardless of him getting likes. Eisner just wanted to make a point that everyone has the power to make a difference, even if it’s in some small way such as the one he presented.

Luke Eisner Shares Which Shelted He’d Be Donating the Money To

Moreover, he shared how he got into contact with a local shelter that supports domestic abuse survivors. Eisner was then given a list of all the supplies the shelter needs.

I called the Good Shepherd Domestic Violence shelter here in LA this morning and they gave me a list of things they need to help survivors: New bed sheets, kitchen supplies, towels, microwave, and new clothes for the kids that are being housed there with their mothers…

Luke Eisner further urged his fans to share and spread the message. He wants more people could be aware of this issue.

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