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Surviving Sophia Scam: Jeff Wittek Says He Was Scammed Into Paying For Plane Tickets

Surviving Sophia scam: Jeff Wittek says he was scammed into paying for plane tickets

According to Jeff Wittek, he is not the victim of Surviving Sophia scam. He allegedly put an end to it earlier on and was not robbed.

Recently, the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam has come to light and has people on the internet going wild. After it started to trend on Twitter, many influencers and LA socialites came forward with their own stories. Among them was Jeff Wittek’s name. According to reports, he was allegedly robbed on $11 million. However, he is setting the record straight and telling the truth behind this alleged news. While many were actually scammed by a fake publicist, Wittek is denying the rumors about him.

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Few days back, Surviving Sophia scam made headlines and the internet blew away

According to multiple people, a woman acting as a publicist has scammed them of millions. Initially, it was reported that the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam is a series of events where Sophia Nur, posing as a publicist have manipulated people into giving her money. According to a woman, Halima, who is Sophia’s cousin, she wanted to be seen as famous. In a series of tweets, she explained the origins of the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam. While Halima claimed that her cousin also scammed her and her friends, she also had proof. On Twitter, she shared emails, texts, and pictures of her cousin attending parties and being in touch with celebs. She also was in contact with the reps of LA’s famous and rich people. At the same time, Sophia lied about getting a job at BBC.

Interestingly, the fake publicist found a way to be present at every single important event in LA

On Twitter Spaces, Arianna Dantone shared a complete summary of the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam. According to her stories, Sophia Nur traveled from LA to Miami to Vegas and manipulated everyone to give her money. She would pretend to be robbed or in trouble and will tell sob stories to get money. Allegedly, she has scammed influencers like Jeff Wittek, Denzel Dion, Rickey Thompson, and many more. At the same time, there is another twist in the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam. According to her alleged friends, she claimed to be pregnant with Jack Harlow’s baby and was obsessed with the singer. So far, he has not commented on this. She was also seen at Drake’s birthday party.

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According to Jeff Wittek, he is not a victim of Surviving Sophia scam

Surviving Sophia Scam: Jeff Wittek Says He Was Scammed Into Paying For Plane Tickets

After many people claimed that Wittek lost millions to Sophia Nur in the scam, he has come forward with an explanation. On the latest episode of Jeff FM, he said:

If I had $11 million, I would not be titled YouTuber. I would be a f**king guy on the beach in Hawaii who did nothing all day. Guys, let me just touch on this quick. I was not scammed for $11 million. A friend of mine asked me for help. Another friend of hers was in danger and assaulted in Vegas, I did not ask for details and I just bought her a plane ticket. I wasn’t scammed, I was taken advantage of.

Jeff Wittek further explained the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam and said:

So many people hit me up about it because they were like, yo, she’s saying she’s your employee and asking for money, saying that you will pay it later. That’s when I was like this is getting too far and I need to step in and say something. But I put an end to it when a week later, another flight was booked to another state. That’s when I put an end to it. So I wasn’t scammed, I just lost like $200.

Surviving Sophia scam

While this is Jeff Wittek’s side, we want to know more stories of the ‘Surviving Sophia’ scam. Hopefully, we get to hear from Sophia Nur herself.

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