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Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Promotes Misha Collins Cookbook

Television star Misha Collins along with his wife Vicki Collins has launched a book together that really pulls families together. The book is a chance to provide your kids with “real” food in today’s world of fast food and garbage. Moreover, they have brought Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, the actor who plays Dean Winchester, in this too.  He put out a word for the book on his Instagram. People, we present to you “The Adventurous Eaters Club” by Misha and Vicki Collins.

Supernatural’s Misha Collins Cares About What Your Kids Eat

Misha Collins, who stars as Castiel from the hit show Supernatural, has worked with his wife Vicki Collins to produce a cookbook. It is on sale on their website called AdventruousEatersClub.

In the book’s description, the couple talks about how American children these days get bland and processed food every day, everywhere. The tasteless food has become a hallmark for children’s diet however, they have found a solution for this. They are also selling a signed copy version of the book with the following.

The Adventurous Eaters Club is a judgment-free journey into food that will help your family learn to be curious, courageous cooks and healthy eaters. Designed to pry open the palates of the pickiest eaters, this book takes you on an adventure to discover healthy, fresh food in non-threatening, fun ways that end mealtime battles and make fun food again. When you buy this signed copy, Misha and Vicki will personally deface your book with their names. (Because that’s what a “signed copy” is.)

Misha’s work colleague from Supernatural, Dean Winchester or Jensen Ackles, also took to social media in order to promote the book. In an Instagram post, Jensen wrote:

Now you can learn to cook like Dean & Cas.

The final season 15 of Supernatural is out now since October 2019. Watch Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in DirecTV.