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Stephanie Beatriz To Direct An Episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC

Fans are already pretty excited to hear the release date of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6. But this latest news will add to that excitement! The actress who plays Rosa, Stephanie Beatriz, is going to be directing an episode of the upcoming season. In an Instagram post this morning, Stephanie Beatriz announced that she would be directing an episode.

The actress explains how daunting of a task it was to direct a whole episode. But nonetheless, it was still definitely rewarding. Stephanie expressed gratitude to the creator of the show, Dan Goor, and the whole cast and crew. They gave their full support to her while taking on the role of director. She says she’s very excited for everyone to see the episode that will air sometime next year.

Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also have an episode surrounding the #MeToo movement, especially since the actor Terry Crews came out and talked about his sexual assault out in the public.

The creator, Dan Groor, vows to make the show the perfect blend of light-hearted and emotional. So that real issues can be discussed without straying off the tone of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“They’re hard to do. [They] still have to feel true to what the show is and still feel funny — but still give weight to the issue and explore it in a fair way.”

We’re sure that the episode Stephanie Beatriz directs will certainly do justice to the story line.

Recently, it has come to our attention that the episode Stephanie Beatriz will be directing is going to focus on a #MeToo theme revolving around Melissa Fumero’s character Amy Santiago.

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