Stefan Karl Stefansson Dead From Bile Duct Cancer: His Career After LazyTown

Stefan Karl Stefansson has lost his battle with bile duct cancer and here's a summary of the favorite actor's career after LazyTown.

Stefan Karl Stefansson, or more popular as the villain Robbie Rotten has passed away at the age of 43. Apparently, he had been battling with bile duct cancer for the past two years. The actor may not be in the world anymore. But his role in the popular children’s TV show LazyTown will always be remembered.

Stefan Karl Stefansson finally lost the aggressive struggle against bile duct cancer. According to reports, he wished for no funeral. And his decision will be honored by the late actor’s wife and four children. Further, his earthly remains will be scattered in a distant ocean with secrecy.

The Career Of Stefan Karl Stefansson

Stefan Karl Stefansson’s most prominent work remains the children’s favorite LazyTown musical. It remained on television screens from 2004-2007. Later, in 2013 and 2014, more episodes were added to it. It followed the story of the pink-haired girl Stephanie and her superhero companion Sportacus. Sportacus took the responsibility of lightening up the inactive town that the 8-year old girl moved into. But Stefan Karl Stefansson’s character Robbie Rotten played the villain. And he would thwart all of their schemes and preferred staying unhealthy.

Stefan Karl Stefansson’s work in LazyTown was an ultimate favorite. In fact, it was translated into dozens of languages and aired in almost 180 countries across the globe. Even thought the show ended quite some time back, Stefan Karl Stefansson’s character continued its popularity online. It’s a common face in the social media memes we see even now.

Other than this famous children’s show, Stefan Karl Stefansson also acted in LazyTown Extra. The television show came out in 2008 from the producers of the original series. It was based on just one season with a total of 26 episodes being aired.

In 2001, Stefan Karl Stefansson appeared in another musical Regína. It was the story of a 10-year old girl who could not attend summer cap with her friends. But she realized that she had the skill of hypnotizing people with her songs. As she embarks on the exploratory journey of her talent, she makes new enemies. Stefan Karl Stefansson plays a police officer in the musical.

Stefan Karl Stefansson also starred in two movies with one being an animated short film. Anna and the Moods and Polite People came out in 2007 and 2011 respectively. But both his characters were immensely loved.

Stefan Karl’s Struggle With Bile Duct Cancer

Stefan Karl Stefansson was first diagnosed with bile duct cancer in 2016. Later, his cast mates from LazyTown started a crowdfunding page to support his treatment. And it successfully raised a total of $170,000. Throughout, the actor has been pretty open about his progress. He even shared about his surgery for the removal of his metastases last year in June. His social media updates regularly kept his fans knowledge of how the actor was doing.

Back in August 2017, doctors removed all the tumors from his body. And apparently, Stefan Karl Stefansson was given the all clear. But his disease was not gone and in March this year, bile duct cancer resurfaced. This time it was inoperable. Stefansson decided to shut off chemotherapy in April. Soon afterwards, the actor started closing his social media accounts so as to spend more time with family.

At that time, Stefan Karl Stefansson shared that time was the most valuable thing in life. And that it never comes back. He urged his fans to dream big because life is what you make of it.

The death of the great actor Stefan Karl Stefansson has left everybody in utter grief.

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