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Steamy Netflix Movies To Watch With Spouse During Quarantine

Steamy Netflix Movies To Watch With Spouse During Quarantine

If you have missed our list of steamy shows to binge-watch with your spouse, or partner, or girlfriend, boyfriend, or just someone you love, here it is. Trust us, you do not want to miss this chance of celebrating the Honeymoon: Home Edition. (a moment of silence for those who didn’t get the joke). Even if you are single, recently suffering from a post-breakup state, or just someone who is struggling to find true love, Netflix is giving you hope to never give up. While you are quarantined, you would (or should) want something to distract you from whatever is happening outside. Here is a list of all the romance-filled sexy Netflix movies you better watch.

Sexy Netflix Movies!

Right when the quarantine started all over the world, many Netflix subscribers observed that the top 10 trending content on Netflix almost had the same genre. And yes, that’s something to do with adult, PG-18+, unrated or simply put: Netflix and Chill genre.

If you were not one of them, this list of sexy Netflix movies will ensure that you are not missing up on the most-watched or most-trending movies:

1) Newness | on Netflix

New to the Netflix subscribers’ family? Start with Newness. Based in Los Angeles, the movie is about two millennials who end up in a social-media-driven hookup. Some people who have used dating apps can relate to the concept behind the whole movie. While it shows you the sides of an open relationship, it also features the sexual tension between the protagonists Nicholas Hoult & Laia Costa.

2) American Honey

Starring Shia LeBeouf and Sasha Lane, American Honey shows you the journey of a teenage girl who joins a traveling magazine sales crew. But ends up indulging in a life of hard partying and debauchery.

3) Y Tu Mamá También

This is one of the most popular sexy Netflix movies. Claimed to have some realistic & explicit sexual scenes, Y Tu Mamá También shows the jam-packed thrilling life of two teenagers on a road trip. When their paths are crossed with an older woman, teenage lust takes over. Even though the synopsis seems like nothing but some raging hormones, it does have a surprising & unexpected end.

4) White Girl

Proving how a night of partying can go wrong in just a matter of minutes, White Girl is about a college girl who goes to wild extremes to get her one-night adventure back. The movie is based on the journal entries of Elizabeth Woods (Director & writer) during her adolescence.

5) Magic Mike

While you have Toy Boy in the series section, you get Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, the hottie, in the sexy Netflix movies section. Even though the movie does not really have actual sexual content, but it does have sexy content and you don’t want to miss that. You can even try those raunchy dance moves and try reenacting them with your partner. Just Saying! (some regions do not have it on Netflix)

6) Fifty Shades Freed

Catch fifty shades of Christian Grey with Anastasia Steele after he gets freed of his demons. James Dornan and Dakota Johnson take you to the next level of their love life with less BDSM and more post-marital threats.

7) Sex and the City | & Netflix

If all your life you have been trying to get the answer to “where can I watch sex and the city for free” or “where to watch sex and the city”, the answer was right in front of you. You cannot Netflix and Chill unless you have seen this viral movie. Almost the whole world has watched it already. By whole world, we mean the people who have internet connectivity and a Netflix subscription. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Kristin Davis, the movie shows 4 women sticking together through the ups and downs.