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Stacey Farber Thinks Daniel Levy Took His Skincare Regime Too Far

We have all indulged ourselves in some questionable skincare routines from time to time in an effort to get a flawless skin as we see in South Korean models. Celebrities are not too different from us it seems. Recently, Schitt’s Creek starrer Daniel Levy has taken a jab at a special skincare routine.

Or perhaps, it’s Photoshop?

In this rather interesting Instagram post, we see Daniel Levy’s face hollowed out; leaving a silvery outline. The Schitt’s Creek creator, writer, and actor have appropriately captioned it as “#Mood”.

We can understand this sentiment. Sometimes, we just feel hollowed out or drained as if someone put a hole in the middle of our face.

Fellow Canadian actress Stacey Farber joked about it being a skincare routine gone too far. She commented underneath the post saying,

“I think you’re taking the skincare routine a bit far. That said, you’re glowing.”

Stacey Farber is a Canadian actress best known for her role as Ellie Nash in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Other than that she has appeared in one episode of Schitt’s Creek entitled “The Barbecue”. So, it’s quite possible that Levy and Farber are friends as she appeared on the show.

Daniel Levy hasn’t responded to the comment as of yet but he will find it hilarious. Moreover, he’ll appreciate Stacey’s compliment of stating that he is glowing. If we want to associate any TV actor with the word glowing, it’s Daniel Levy. Especially since he plays the eccentric yet charming David Rose in Schitt’s Creek; the character is an embodiment of the word glowing.

Will Stacey Farber Come on Schitt’s Creek Again?

We only see Farber on one episode when she gives Annie Murphy’s character Alexis Rose advice on love whilst staying at the motel. It didn’t seem like it was going to be a recurring role.

But unfortunately, there’s only one more season left of Schitt’s Creek. It was revealed that there is going to be a sixth season of the show but sadly it will be the last one. Let’s see if we’ll see some old characters on the show for the last season!

Schitt’s Creek has been on air since 2015 and it was created by Daniel Levy and his father Eugene Levy; both of which star on the show as well as David Rose and John Rose. Other cast members include Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, Chris Elliot, Emily Hampshire, Dustin Milligan, Noah Reid, Sarah Levy, and Jennifer Robertson.