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Sophia Bush shares online harassment she gets for being politically outspoken

Sophia Bush shares online harassment she gets for being politically outspoken

Everyone who follows Sophia Bush knows that she is more than just an actor. She’s a political activist that works hard in raising awareness about issues important to her. Though, it is not an easy feat for her because of the simple fact that she is a woman. Even in 2020, she faces online harassment and dangerous threats while she voices her opinions on political issues. The actress shared a recent example of online harassment.

Sophia Bush faces online bullying and harassment

In one of her Instagram Stories, Sophia Bush posts this:

Sophia Bush Woman

The actress then proceeds to show a screenshot of a pretty hateful comment she received from one user:

Online Harassment Comment Sophia Bush

In the comment, the user is expressing how Sophia Bush should be killed and murdered in a horrifying way just because he doesn’t agree with her political views. Moreover, the actress also pointed out that the place he’s talking about, Gitmo, is where prisoners often face heinous punishment such as sodomy and r*pe.

Sophia Bush then shares that this is an example of what it is like to be a politically outspoken woman on the internet. She also urges the men that follow her to fix their own:

 Politically Outspoken

Lastly, the actress shares that she is choosing to focus the positive side of things but her followers can help her out by reporting the user:

Positive Sophia

Since Sophia also tagged Instagram, they hopefully will ban the account of the harasser themselves. However, you can still report this user and report them.

Meanwhile, you can follow Sophia Bush on Instagram and read about the political issues happening in the USA and the world.

Hopefully, the internet can become a safer place for everyone to voice their political views and opinions without getting hate comments such as the one Sophia got.

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