Song review of Dixie D’Amelio’s ‘F***Boy’

This is our song review of Dixie D'Amelia's latest song 'F***Boy'. Click to find out what we think about this recent song by the social media personality.

So, Dixie D’Amelio, who is now referred to with only her stage name Dixie, just released a new single named ‘F***Boy’. Released on May 14th, this song was not the only thing that Dixie dropped on the day, as she changed her stage name to just her first name. So, what was this song like? Well, in it we saw Dixie addressing f*** boys, as the name suggests. And the listeners were mostly unanimous in their opinion of it. However, it was an opinion that Dixie may not like.

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Dixie D’Amelio’s ‘F***Boy’: Average at best

Song review of Dixie D'Amelio 'F***Boy'

When I heard ‘F***Boy,’ it just didn’t elicit many feelings inside of me. It could be that I couldn’t relate to the lyrics of the songs as such. After all, it’s about a girl addressing a f*** boy which isn’t my area of expertise by any means. But even then, the lyrics were trivial at best, with words that just didn’t amount to much for many. And it is well expected of a still nascent artist like Dixie D’Amelio to be a bit conservative with her words at the beginning. For instance:

Stop asking me for nudes, no, I’ll never send those to you
And get off my Instagram, who do you think I am?
Get out of my DM’s
And take off those damn Jordan’s
‘Cause you’re just a fuckboy

As far as the music is concerned, it felt just as trite. This isn’t me claiming by any means it’s copied. Instead, what I’m saying is that it isn’t revolutionary. I have heard these rhythms before and one could sense the same formula being repeated over and over again. Therefore, the best I could say about Dixie’s ‘F***Boy’ is that it was truly average at its best. At no point were my ears bleeding, but neither was I mesmerized. And other reviewers and listeners felt the same but conveyed it in way harsher words.

As far as the music video is concerned, it also had other members of the D’Amelia family. For instance, in the very first scene, we see Dixie calling her sister Charli and venting to her about some alleged f*** boy. Furthermore, we see Dixie ganging up with influencer friends including Nikita Dragun and Avani Gregg at Los Angeles influencer hot spot Saddle Ranch. Other than that, Dixie D’Amelio’s boyfriend Noah Beck also celebrated the release of the song with her. You can listen and watch the music video below:

Dixie D'Amelio

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