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So, Trisha Paytas decided to study Islam & here’s what she learned

After converting to Judaism and meditating to Hare Krishna, Trisha Paytas claims to learn about Islam. Someone needs to stop them.

Since beginning their spiritual journey, Trisha Paytas has started to learn about different religions. Previously, they announced about converting to Judaism. For those who don’t know, they are engaged to a Jewish man, Moses Hacmon. However, they have moved on to become a follower of Krishna and Hinduism. After their video about ending Hindu violence triggered Muslims, Paytas has started to educate themself about Islam.

Trisha Paytas

Previously, Trisha Paytas announced that they were converting to Judaism

After their feud with Ethan Klein began, Trisha Paytas tried to explain their side by sharing a few text messages. However, this proof backfired when people noticed that they used the word, Jewy. According to Jews, that is offensive and disrespectful. At the same time, Trisha Paytas made anti-Semitic jokes on the Frenemies podcast. Despite Klein asking them to stop, they continued. In response to the backlash, they said:

“I’ve dated Jewish men my entire adult life and am currently converting. To not allow me to grow and learn when I’ve apologized time and time again is really not cool.”

Trisha Paytas

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Since then, they have moved on to Hinduism and started meditating to Hare Krishna

A few weeks back, Trisha Paytas revealed that they are focusing on their spiritual journey and has started meditating. For their meditation, Paytas chose OM and Hare Krishna for the chants. At the same time, they posted a video to defend the Hindus and violence against them. According to them, Hindus are being killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir just for being Hindus. They claim that there is a Hindu genocide going on in these countries. Shortly after their video, Trisha Paytas received massive backlash for misinformation and blaming Muslims for killing Hindus.

Trisha Paytas

After that, Trisha Paytas made another video claiming they’re now learning about Islam

So, Trisha Paytas Decided To Study Islam & Here's What She Learned

According to Paytas, they’re open to learning about all religions. During the video, Trisha Paytas explained to their followers that Muslims follow Allah and modesty is a huge part of Islam. At the same time, they recalled the time when they hired a Muslim for their music video. In order to make sure that they did not mean to offend anyone, Trisha talked about how leaders of Muslim countries are trying to put an end to the Hindu genocide. Similarly, they emphasized on getting educated about Islam and Muslims. They made sure their followers know that Trisha Paytas respects all religions and cultures.

Trisha Paytas

I’m assuming that Trisha Paytas has the ability to Google and research. If they had done so, they would have found out about war crimes on Muslims in Afghanistan and Kashmir. It is unfortunate to see such ignorant people get such fame and spread misinformation. It is about time Trisha reevaluates before posting something on YouTube.

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