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SNL’s Chloe Fineman marries Casey Thompson

SNL cast member, Chloe Fineman marries Casey Brown in a live streamed wedding and fans are still uncertain if this was real or not.

Ever fancy tying the knot with the love of your life on the internet? Looks like Saturday Night Live cast member, Chloe Fineman may have just done that!! Amid the chaos with the coronavirus outbreak, love hasn’t fallen short. Couples are finding ways to say their vows to each other in unconventional yet heart warming ways. And Chloe might have done just that and exchanged vows with Casey Thomas Brown this Monday on March 22, 2020.

The Live Instagram streaming by Chloe Fineman

On Sunday, the thirty one year old proclaimed to live stream a wedding on her Instagram. And no one guessed it would be her own! Chloe Fineman invited the whole internet to her virtual wedding which she and her friends managed to pull off in a very unconventional, cheeky modern way.

Their entire ceremony took place in a chat room. Yes you heard that right!

A major disaster for the bride was when her manicurist and make up artist didn’t show on her big day. So she came up with a filmy, eccentric wedding attire. The blushing bride carried a veil made of toilet paper. And she was seen wearing a quirky blazer. To top it all of, Chloe Fineman was married as ‘Joe Benet’ and Casey was wed as ‘Sharty’.

To star wrote on Sunday:

“Tomorrow I gonna marry my best friend and the love of my life @shartyparty69 on Instagram live. And had to cancel wedding IRL cuz everyone refused to come BUT OUR LOVE CAN’T WAIT. Plus, my fiancé’s mom @drew_droege with be there, my maid I’d honor @hannahpilkes and our officiant we met at hospital @barahsakers . Y’all invited to experience our love. 5pm. Tmrw. West Coast Time.”

And the groom wrote on his page saying:

“We are registered at Cracker Barrel and Kohl’s”

Following their worldwide internet announcements, fans are still uncertain if this was part of skit or if they actually tied knots, says a reporter on E!.