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Slipknot Drummer Jay Weinberg Named As Best Metal Drummer for 2019

In a recent poll amongst rock band music genre, Jay Weinberg has come out with a victory. The “Best Metal Drummer” of the 2019 award goes out to the Slipknot drummer. The competition was among Paul Bostaph of Slayer, Ray Luzier of Korn, and Art Cruz of Lamb of God. Music Radar reports that he earned twice as many points as all of the others combined!

Slipknot’s Jay Weinberg Is The Best of 2019!

Music Radar is a website for music makers, offering different news and pieces on band music. They conducted a poll to select the best metal drummer and the voters chose Jay Weinberg from Slipknot. Interestingly, there were others in the list equally worthy of the award including Christopher Schneider from Rammstein. He, and the famous Chris Kontos for Machine Head.

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Weinberg Thanks Those Who Voted For Him

So, Weinberg took to Twitter to thank the voters who chose him for the polls.

“It’s an honor to receive the title of “Best Metal Drummer” in @musicradar’s 2019 Best In Drums poll. Thanks to everyone who voted. I sincerely appreciate your support and interest.”

He later mentioned the other nominees as well. In fact, he admits that he draws his inspiration from the drummers’ community he has around him. Lastly, he is grateful for their work.

Jay is the son of Max Weinberg who is a bandleader at Conan O’Brien’s talk show. His father is also famous for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Jay Weinberg joined Slipknot in 2013, replacing Joey Jordison.

Slipknot did not really provide a reason for Jordinson’s departure in that year’s December. However, Jordison revealed that it was because of the neurological disorders that he had to depart from the band.

Jordison shared with his audience at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards:

“I got really really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis, I lost my legs. I couldn’t play any more. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,”

In the end, here is Weinberg’s drummer cam video of non-stop drumming if some of you are still confused about why he won over others. Enjoy!

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Slipknot was a band formed in x and has released many music albums over the years. Some of the more prominent ones areIowa, All Hope Is Gone, and We Are Not Your Kind.