Sister James Charles Takes Flirting with Shawn Mendes Too Far

Beauty vlogger James Charles left scandalous comments on Shawn Mendes on his Instagram. But now both of them have publicly apologized to one another.

Anybody who is obsessed with makeup must already be aware with beauty vlogger James Charles.  James is mostly popular for great eye lashes, great highlighter, and of course, the explicit comments he drops all over social media. It’s his way of sister flirting! Recently, James Charles directed all of them towards YouTube sensation Shawn Mendes. But things got even more complicated as both sides started attacking. However, the drama was short-lived as soon both of them made their public apologies on Twitter. Apparently, none of the parties were meaning any harm. So for those who were counting on James Charles to spice things up, it was a huge disappointment. But at least, our feeds did not get spammed by his scandalous comments again.

What Really Happened?

Apparently, Shawn Mendes had been receiving explicit comments from James Charles for quite some time now. But things got heated as Shawn Mendes was doing an Instagram live juggling balls and showing them off for his fans. But he was interrupted by an inappropriate comment from Charles asking if he could juggle him like that. Soon after the explicit comment came up, Mendes abruptly ended his video. And common speculation had it that it was due to the comment made by Charles. Later, it was also discovered that Shawn Mendes had apparently talked about the beauty vlogger at a party. He had expressed his indignation at all the explicit comments that Charles dropped on his account.

When this came into the open, James Charles took it to Twitter to make his statement. He said that he had been supporting Shawn Mendes and never wanted to make anyone feel uncomfortable. He claimed that he was sorry, upset and embarrassed that Mendes felt sexually harassed. Shawn also responded to this tweet thanking him for clearing it all up and telling him that he loved him the most. He even said sorry saying that he never said he didn’t like him. Or that he felt uncomfortable by him.

James Charles was equally happy to hear this, and even shared the response on his Twitter. It seems like the boys were going to settle for maturity this time!

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