Sienna Mae Gomez responds to leaked video where she's allegedly groping an unconscious Jack Wright

Sienna Mae Gomez responds to leaked video where she’s allegedly groping an unconscious Jack Wright

There’s a leaked video circulating on the internet showing a disturbing piece of footage. In it, Sienna Mae Gomez is allegedly groping and sexually assaulting her ex-boyfriend Jack Wright. It was posted by a friend of Jack’s who was there to witness the whole thing.

This happened after Sienna Mae Gomez already denied the sexual assault allegations made by Jack Wright’s friend, Mason Rizzo. The original tweet he made was later taken down and he shared that everything is being handled offline. While all of this was happening, Jack Wright thanked his fans for the support. He didn’t disclose details of his sexual assault, but he only wished for Sienna to heal:

While I love sharing my life with all of you, some parts are deeply personal and I have been hesitant to share for my own emotional and mental wellbeing. But I will say this. Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences. Mason and James’ only intention was to protect me with the truth, and I really value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time. I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved.

The video showing the sexual assault

The video is showing the events that happened last year on 30th November. On the sofa, we see Jack Wright sleeping and Sienna Mae Gomez coming on top of him. Then she starts to kiss Jack and then touch him inappropriately on his private parts. We only see Sienna’s back in the video, but the friend who witnessed this saw it happening. The friend was seated right next to Jack.

The friend says that they told James Wright, Jack’s brother, about it. In response, James informed the friend that this apparently happens all the time.

The video was later deleted by the friend who uploaded it. But it is making rounds on the internet and shocking everyone.

Sienna Mae Gomez responds to the video and again denies sexual assault claims

In the video titled, “addressing false allegations part 2”, Sienna Mae Gomez explained how the video was edited in such a way to make it look like a sexual assault had occurred. In reality, as per Sienna, she was just making out with Jack Wright, whom she believed to be her boyfriend at the time.

His friends keep dropping cryptic and non-specific information. The initial tweets and the video I’m going to be talking about are both taken down. If you present evidence of someone being sexually assaulted, don’t you think you should stand by it? And it looks a little suspicious when you immediately remove it from the internet.

Moreover, she explained the video from her perspective to see that it wasn’t sexual assault.

As you can see here and anywhere online, Jack and I were very touchy feely with our friendship.This is the way that we interacted with each other and it’s in any video you go watch of us. Please, and I encourage you to go watch to go watch my recent Youtube videos featuring Jack. Our recent Tiktoks. You will see that this behavior was normal. Online we touched each other, kissed each other. We were playful with each other. Jack kissed me. And I kissed him. Within the boundaries of our relationship, this [referencing to the leaked video] was normal.

She further explained that he was awake and her hand was at his thigh and not on his private parts like it seems.

The clip of me kissing Jack, he was also kissing me. I was looking at him face-to-face. He was kissing me back. Lachlan claims that he was “unconscious”. If he was unconscious, why did his arm move when you got up? And also why was he kissing me back? You claim you heard kissing noises.

Sienna Mae Gomez also added that the video was edited in such a way to make it appear that a sexual assault incident had occurred. When it had not. Sienna explained that the clip of Jack being asleep in the video was after they had made out, not before it. She also posed an important point:

If Jack was being sexually assaulted in this moment, James, why did you record it? James you were Jack’s twin brother and I know if my brother saw me being taken advantage of, he would pick up the person on top of me and beat them to sh*t. Not film it. We both know the reason you were filming it was because it was uncomfortable PDA and it was funny. Because Jack and I were making out in the middle of the room where other people were.

Moreover, Gomez argued that if a sexual assault had actually occurred, Jack Wright would not continue to film playful and flirty videos with her after it. And they had a lot of videos online together after that date. They were posting until May of 2021.

Plus, she also posted a screenshot of James Wright calling Lachlan “weird”:

james calling lachlan weird Sienna

Sienna Mae Gomez said that the video would have been perceived normal if it was posted before the sexual assault claims were made by Jack’s friends. She thinks there is simply an attempt to cancel her and ruin her image because the allegations aren’t true.

To fight against it, she filed a cease and desist to Jack because it’s a serious crime that she is being accused of. Moreover, she reiterated the statement that Jack Wright was sexually assaulted by someone else. But she’s still not going to disclose the name of who did it because it’s Jack’s private story and it’s up to him whether he should tell it or not.

Ending the video, she posted a clip of another influencer saying that they felt uncomfortable when Jack’s brother, James Wright, kissed him on the cheek without his consent.

You can watch Sienna’s whole statement here:

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