TikTok Star Sienna Mae Gomez denies allegation that she sexually assaulted ex-boyfriend Jack Wright | What happened so far

Many people were wondering what actually happened between Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright, a popular TikTok couple. But the truth may have shocked many fans as it may be quite disturbing. Jack’s close friend and brother both have shared that Sienna Mae Gomez sexually assaulted Jack Wright and even told him to ‘kill himself’. She was verbally and physically abusive towards him in their relationship as per them. Sienna has denied the allegation while Jack hasn’t said anything about the matter. But he did thank his fans for their support.

Here’s what we know so far.

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The relationship history of Sienna Gomez and Jack Wright

At the end of 2020, Sienna Gomez joined the Hype House and around the same time, rose to immense popularity. One of the reasons for her rise in popularity was due to her body positivity messages that she would often spread on her social media. She soon started dating fellow Hype House member Jack Wright and their relationship was quite wholesome for their fans. They would often appear in each other’s social media posts and TikToks.

But lately, neither had been posting much with each other. Moreover, Jack Wright also unfollowed Sienna Gomez on her Instagram account. He was on a trip with his friends and Sienna was nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, Sienna was moving on with her life and even having dinner dates by herself. There was much speculation that the two had broken up. Jack Wright and James Wright posted cryptic messages and videos about the situation but never addressed it directly. So, what really happened?

Jack Wright’s friend, Mason Rizzo, first posted about Jack Wright’s sexual assault on Twitter

Here’s the original post made by Mason Rizzo. In it, he talked about how he couldn’t bear seeing someone getting praised while she’s being verbally and physically abusive to his close friend.

Mazon Rizzo Tweet about Jack Wright sexual assault

It’s clear that he’s talking about Jack Wright and Sienna Gomez as Jack Wright’s brother retweeted the original tweet. Moreover, he also captioned the tweet as,

“Jack and James have been my best friends since kindergarten”

Not only did Sienna physically and sexually assault Jack Wright, as per Mason Rizzo, but she also told him to go kill himself.

He ended the note with,

“followers should not be an excuse to get away with abusive behavior. you guys all deserve to know the truth about her.”

James Wright also retweeted Mason’s tweet and added:

“This is why I couldn’t just let it go and stay out of it”.

James WRight Seconds Mason Rizzo Tweet

There were also accusations against Sienna Gomez for being hypocritical as she would often body shame other people. On her TikToks, Gomez would preach body positivity but now multiple sources are saying that this was not the case behind the scenes.

One of her old high school friends, Olivia, also made a TikTok detailing her experience with Sienna Mae Gomez.


Olivia explained that Sienna and her were good friends at one point. But Sienna would always body shame her and make mean comments to her and everyone around her.

Now, Mason has deleted the tweet

Even though a lot of people are not supporting Jack Wright and calling out Sienna for her abusive behavior, Mason Rizzo has deleted his original tweet.

But, Mason revealed the situation is being handled offline.

The Wright family, Sienna’s family, and I have decided to delete all information about the situation and handle it off of social media.

Mason Situation Being Handled Offline

And now Sienna Mae Gomez has addressed the situation and denied the sexual assault allegation

Posted on her Instagram very recently, Sienna Gomez talked about the sexual assault allegation:

Friends fight and relationships sometimes change, but allegations of a criminal act are not to be thrown around loosely. Making an untrue sexual assault claim is never okay. I’m beyond saddened by this situation. In order for us to all move forward, I will be taking this offline with Jack. Thank you to all who have reached out with love and concern.

She called it an “untrue sexual assault claim” and added that it was not okay to make such a claim. Sienna also reiterated Mason’s last statement and said that everything would be handled offline.

She also captioned her Instagram Post:

removing in 48 hours.

Sienna Mae Gomez denies sexual assault allegation

Moreover, Jack Wright also thanked fans for the support

He didn’t confirm or deny anything about the situation. But he just posted on his Instagram Story, thanking everyone for their support during this time.

jack wright thanks fans for support Sienna Jack

Here is everything we know so far about the situation. What do you guys have to say about it?

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