A shirtless Brody Jenner wants you to be productive

Caitlyn Jenner's youngest son Brody Jenner posted on his Instagram urging followers to stay productive. And he remains in quarantine with Daisy Keech

Brody Jenner took to his Instagram in a shirtless shot. And urged his followers to go be productive during this quarantine. While showing off his abs and chiseled chest, the reality star gave out a positive message for all his 3.2 million followers.

Brody is  Caitlyn Jenner’s youngest son. The thirty-six-year-old said:

“accomplish something’ they’ve ‘always wanted, but never had the time’ on Sunday. Don’t waste it.”

In the shot, Brody is seen sitting on a bench around a scenic hike surrounding. The LA native, who did not mention if the image was a throwback, shared the image on an empty walking path, despite the city closing more than 75,000 acres of parks and trails during the coronavirus pandemic.

This decision came about after the public did not adhere well to precautions for social distancing.

Brody’s relationships

The reality star split from wife, Kaitlynn Carter in August last year. And he’s been seen dating quite a few women after that. He was seen out with model Allison Mason. And numerous dates with supermodel Jose Canseco’s daughter Josie, and Daniella Grace, who he brought to the Sundance Film Festival.

But as of now, he is quarantining with Daisy Keech. Who is sixteen years his junior. They were first spotted together at a grocery store just three weeks ago. This blooming relationship started a few months after he was seen with Allison Manson.

According to Daily Mail UK, Brody and Carter were photographed together. A lot of rumors surfaced thinking maybe they had rekindled their love for each other. Because, they flew back to Los Angeles together from Bali.  Although, the couple did not show any PDA while been photographed in Los Angeles.

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