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Did Shawn Mendes Just Like A Transphobic Joke?

When you are the world’s most desired heart-throb, everything you do becomes a subject of mass, meticulous, uncompromising scrutiny. Being popular is not, after all easy. If you fall from stage, it becomes a sensational news.  Your homophobic jokes will haunt you when you land a hosting job at the Oscars. And people will remind you of your cocaine addiction and DUIs no matter how much you want them to be left behind. Even the most mistaken mistakes can result in instantaneous career declines, so when you are in Hollywood, you are basically living on the edge. Recently, singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes landed himself in a doom of public critisism when he accidently like a transphobic tweet on Twitter. Grammys 2019, Shawn Mendes songs 

Did Shawn Mendes Like A Transphobic Joke?

Today, while scrolling on Twitter, I saw Shawn Mendes apologizing over a reposted tweet.

In the thread, a fan cleared the air by describing what had happened. The Grammys 2019 nominee had inadvertently liked a transphobic joke, leaving fans eminently furious. Although we all know that Shawn would never like that tweet willingly, the situation still got a bit chaotic. Heads turned, and people demanded an immediate apology. Taking notice of the situation, Shawn Mendes promptly unliked the tweet and subsequently issued an apology.

To every err is human, to forgive, divine. Mendes maintains that the unfortunate incident was merely an accident. He is very much a human, and scrolling down our Twitter feeds, we make the typos and ignorant likes. (You’d understand what I am trying to say if you read Shawn’s post again).Shawn Mendes songs

Was The Transphobic Joke About Teddy Geiger?

Although there is no information regarding the tweets, people in the thread believe that it was about close friend Teddy Gieger (an openly transgender producer). Shawn is very close to Geiger, and he has even mentioned that he finds Geiger’s struggle-story heartwarming. The two have worked together on multiple of Mendes’ hit songs, including “Stitches,” “Mercy,” and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”.Shawn Mendes songs

While fans berated Shawn over the accident, he continued to give them what they wanted. And that too, in the classic-sugar-Shawn-style. He followed his apology by telling his fans that he loves them.

Shawn Mendes Won’t Go On Tarnishing His Image Near The Grammys 2019

We all know Shawn enough to say with confidence that he would never do something like this. Especially at a time when he is contending for the Grammys 2019. During the 2019 Super Bowl, CBS, which is also hosting the Grammys 2019, aired a new commercial for the awards show revealing that all these artists will be playing in the show’s first hour. The commercial confirmed that Shawn Mendes will be one of the opening artists.Shawn Mendes songs

Shawn Mendes Has Himself Been A Victim

Another reason that assures us that Shawn would not have liked the transphobic joke is that he has himself suffered due to sexuality assumptions. People have called Shawn Mendes gay owing to prejudiced reasons. As a reaction not only Mendes, but famous YouTube personalities, including Connor Franta,  called out the haters for their baseless allegations.

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