Shane Dawson Wishes Eugenia Cooney Happy Birthday

Shane Dawson has been friends with Eugenia Cooney and after she returned following the eating disorders documentary, he wishes her happy birthday.

YouTubers Eugenia Cooney and Shane Dawson seem to get along pretty well. Cooney previously announced that she was on a break from the platform to focus on her health. Months afterward, Shane released his video on her. In the video, the two stars discuss eating disorders which have been a real issue for both.

Now that Cooney might return, Shane Dawson has wished her a happy birthday. Not just him, but many fans across social media have sent similar messages.

Shane Dawson and Eugenia Cooney Still Seem Close…

Shane took to Twitter to share two photographs of Cooney. Alongside them, he wished her a happy birthday. The YouTuber added that he hoped she had the best day ever because she totally deserved it.

Many fans expressed similar thoughts in the comments, hoping and wishing Eugenia Cooney was doing great. Previously, she took a break from YouTube for some health issues. Even when she was not explicit about what they were, many fans commented about her weight, questioning if she had developed an eating disorder.

Eugenia Cooney recently opened up to Shane Dawson about having an eating disorder. Dawson, who himself had similar issues in the past, handled this sensitive topic most genuinely than anybody could. The emotional and revealing personal profiles and history of these YouTubers inspired many. About the video, Shane Dawson shared that,

This to me feels like the most important thing I’ve ever done. It feels very much like, ‘I don’t want to fuck this up.’ I want to do this right.

It seems like Cooney is doing much better now, and let’s hope it stays that way!

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