Shane Dawson will be Trisha Paytas’s Best Man on Her Wedding

Shane Dawson is here to support his best friend Trisha Paytas yet again. In a surprising turn of events, Trisha Paytas has been engaged to her Israeli boyfriend, Moses Hacman! She shared the joyous news with her fans on her backup Instagram account. And Shane could not be happier for his friend. We also got to know some more interesting news!

Trisha Paytas called Shane Dawson her ‘Best Man’!

When Trisha Paytas shared the news of her engagement to Moses Hacman, Shane was over the moon.

He got even more sentimental in the second picture of the two:

Shane Dawson wrote a sweet caption for Trisha Paytas that said:

I’m so happy for her!! She’s wanted to start a family for as long as I have known her. I couldn’t have imagined a better man for her to start that family with. :’)) love you both so much!!!!!

Trisha Paytas was quick to respond to Shane’s thoughtful words

Reposting Shane’s Instagram Story, Trisha reacts by saying that Shane is her ‘Best Man’:

Trisha Paytas adds the caption:

ILY SM. My best man

That could mean only one thing! Shane Dawson is going to be Trisha Paytas’s Best Man in her upcoming wedding with Moses Hacman. Isn’t that amazing?

Considering their long friendship, this comes as no surprise. Trisha and Shane have always been there to support each other through thick and thin.

When Shane Dawson was facing multiple scandals in 2020, he lost many of his friends such as Blaire White. But some friends such as Trisha Paytas continued to be by his side and kept defending his name online.

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Let’s wait and see if Trisha Paytas will have a maid-of-honor! Stay tuned for more updates on Trisha Paytas and her upcoming wedding!

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