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Shane Dawson Releases Trailer for Conspiracy Series

Shane Dawson has finally released a trailer for his much anticipated conspiracy docuseries and well, it's going to be out soon.

We finally have something more than hints. Shane Dawson has already dropped the trailer for his much anticipated docuseries. The trailer show a series of people being shocked and reacting to latest digital technologies. What is this series which is titled conspiracy series going to be about? Dawson who previously produced great works with controversial YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul is now teasing his new series. Previously, throughout the month Dawson dropped hints on Twitter. But we still have no clues what the content in this new series is going to be about. But sure as hell, he’s unearthing some great controversies and some danger is definitely involved. Looks like Dawson can not work without either of these factors!

What is Shane Dawson Going to Do in his Mystery Conspiracy docuseries?

From what we have gathered from the trailer that Shane Dawson dropped, it’s going to be a two-part series. But what’s thrilling is that the first episode is about to drop very soon on 30th January. And he hinted that the content matter is going to be a lot different from the type of stuff he usually does and the type of stuff he did lately- the conclusion of Jake Paul in his last docuseries. He has been throwing around with possibilities that include California Wildfires, UFO sightings and YouTube’s advertising algorithms which have commonly been the center of heated debates. But then, according to the trailer Dawson might decide to work with technology. And the privacy breaches that it brings together.

Shane Dawson has hyped things up much more by showing what appears to be sensitive documents. And has himself suggested that he should contact his lawyer. He has even suggested that the videos for these could go up to 2 hours each. The multi-part investigation series is already much anticipated. And you can not blame the audience because we are used to of seeing remarkable content from Dawson. After the success of his uncut Paul brothers series, you can count on him for another bomb docuseries.