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Shane Dawson Reunites With Kati Morton To Discuss Jake Paul Documentary

Viner-turned-YouTuber Jake Paul has stirred several controversies on the internet. Subsequently, he had a lot of people hating him for his actions. Furthermore, as the most disgusting allegations came out against him, they only exaggerated the issue. Following several controversies, on September 11th his fellow stunt YouTuber, Shane Dawson released an eight-part documentary series on Jake Paul. In his videos, Shane Dawson addressed the issue of whether Jake Paul was a sociopath. In addition to this, he explored ‘the dark world’ around Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul as well in an effort to show the real side of him. He even went on to recruit the help of Kati Morton, a licensed therapist who has her own prominent YouTube channel (531,000 subscribers).

Kati Morton’s Contribution to Shane’s Series

Recently Kati Morton and Shane Dawson got together to discuss. In particular, the overwhelmingly negative response surrounding the controversy. In a video called The Mind of Shane Dawson, the duo discussed deeply the objectives behind releasing the documentary. Shane regrets making his movie ‘over-sensationalized’. But he also added that it helped him. The YouTuber remarked that he was happy that the Jake Paul documentary opened up a conversation. However, at the same time, he expressed his remorse by stating ‘I’ve made a horror movie’.

The Jake Paul Documentary- Negative Reactions

The Jake Paul documentary video became massively popular, generating groundbreaking views. The video; however, addressed sociopathy in a largely half-witted way. And for this reason, Shane Dawson came under fire. Not only did several Jake Paul fans scorn him for the documentary. But also, the brothers Jake Paul, and Logan Paul offered their own critical analysis of the video on Twitter. The series was irresponsible, and the audience claimed that Shane Dawson was not speaking from an informed position. After all, he was no mental health professional. The documentary did involve the expert aid of Kati Morton, yet it wasn’t enough for a sound diagnosis.

Kati Morton Proud Of Shane Dawson And The Videos

Kati Morton; however, defended Shane in the video. She elaborated that he has a tendency to help people even at the expense of his own popularity. She also expressed that she was surprised at the negative feedback, as she did not anticipate it. Regardless, both claimed that they were proud of what they had done in the Jake Paul documentary.