Shane Dawson is ready to make his Youtube Return | Will his channel be monetized?

For those who have been watching YouTubers from years would know about Shane Dawson. He’s been making YouTube videos for over a decade now. And in recent years, he became the most popular content creator on YouTube because of his in-depth and creative documentary videos. The subjects included conspiracy, controversial people like Eugenia Cooney and Jake Paul, and creating a makeup brand with Jeffree Star. However, he got involved with multiple scandals of his own which led him to take a break from YouTube for quite some time. The public opinion was also not favorable towards him. Despite that, he still had fans and kept appearing on Ryland Adams’ YouTube channel and became active on social media. Now, he shares that he is planning a return on his own YouTube channel.

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Shane Dawson is waiting for the right inspiration to hit

The YouTube recently moved to Colorado and is really excited about living there in a farmhouse. Shane shared on his Instagram Stories that he is setting up his new office and was asking his followers to vote on which furniture items he should get.

Shane Poll Table Question Office
Instagram Stories

After several poll questions about different furniture items, Shane Dawson dropped a big news to the followers. He revealed that he is ready to come back to YouTube. But he is waiting for the right inspiration so that he can create something he is passionate about.

Shane Insta Story Returning YouTube

The scandals that led to his YouTube channel getting demonetized

Shane Dawson got cancelled last year and in this century that has a substantial effect on your career and life. The scandals that revolved around Shane Dawson involved his past mistakes and some recent makeup beauty community drama. It seemed like we might never see Shane Dawson’s YouTube return because there were so many scandals around the influencer.

The problematic jokes of Shane’s past content

He used to make jokes that were racist and paedophilic in nature, at a time when no one knew that these jokes weren’t okay to make. When he was apologizing for his past racist and problematic jokes during the Black Lives Matter movement last year, critics dug up even more problematic content.

One video in particular made everyone question Shane Dawson. The one in which he was pretending to masturb*te to an underage celebrity, Willow Smith. Even Willow’s family reacted to the situation and said that Shane has no excuses for such a problematic video. After that a fan came out and said that she was kissed by Shane Dawson when she was underage. And a source told us that Shane used to ask underage fans to share seductive pictures of themselves on an old photo-sharing platform called DailyBooth. Shane has yet to address these incidents.

Moreover, apart from this, there was drama brewing in the makeup community. It happened in July 2020. Tati Westbrook came out and claimed that when she made her ‘Bye Sister’ video against James Charles (which cancelled Charles in 2019), she was only doing it because Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star told her lies about Charles. Shane only responded to this in a brief Instagram Live where he denied doing any such thing. Star, also denied the accusation and said that he would be distancing himself from the drama of beauty community. So, this is another matter that Shane Dawson would have to address.

His YouTube channels were demonetized last year

In June of 2020, all three of Shane Dawson’s channels were demonetized and his subscribers and followers were decreasing at a fast pace. Not only that but Morphe ended their collaboration with Shane Dawson’s makeup palettes and Target pulled all of his books from their stores. All these factors definitely would have affected Shane Dawson’s net worth. Since then, he has not made any YouTube videos and there has been no news that his channels are being monetized. But he still has 20.2 million subscribers on YouTube, 8.4 million followers on Instagram and 8.7 million followers on Twitter at the time this article is being written. And, he is still selling his merch.

Shane Dawson’s YouTube return would have caught you by surprise but many others have made comebacks after getting ‘cancelled’

Other influencers and YouTubers such as James Charles and CallMeCarlson got cancelled and then made a return to their respective platforms. They were both accused of making inappropriate contact with their underage fans.

Similarly, Shane Dawson is following their footsteps and returning to the platform where he was once the dubbed the king.

It’s unclear whether YouTube will monetize his channel again. But it seems like YouTube might change their minds.

What do you think about Shane’s Dawson YouTube return?

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