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Shane Dawson opens up about his weight gain

YouTuber with a dark side, Shane Dawson, is not afraid of speaking up for himself. The 32-year-old joined Youtube all the way back in 2008. That is over 12 years ago. Through the years, as most of his followers may know, he has gone from an insecure boy gushing over his mom’s poverty to worldwide influence. Shane Dawson has found his life’s purpose surrounding himself with people like Jeffree Star. They are the best of friends. However, over the years, we also know that Shane Dawson has had his highs and lows. In a recent video, he talks about his weight gain and an eating disorder that causes it.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson shuts down the hate comments.

So recently, Shane Dawson has put on a little bit of weight. And this isn’t the first time Shane is a bit bloated. He used to be quite healthy before his YouTube days. A few days ago, Shane got a comment on his video about how he has gained weight.

Shane Dawson talks about his eating disorder

According to some fans, the weight gain is not good. Well, maybe but mostly, it is not supposed to be said out loud. Again much like Shane Dawson oftentimes, unexplainable weight gain or loss occurs due to eating disorders triggered by mental health instability. So, one should not comment on such matters. Anyway, Shane posted the tweet saying,

Hey Shane why don’t u post more? Why  don’t u upload more? Well… this 🙃you would think after 13 years on youtube comments wouldn’t get to me but damn… they still feel like the very first time haha

Anyway, so in the video, Shane shows how he works out, has a trainer and a gym. However, it is hard for him to lose weight still. He has one message to give to all the people who may be laughing or criticizing his weight.

He simply says ‘F*** you* to all his haters.

Furthermore, he addresses the situation saying;

 I did think maybe it was a good lesson. Like A.) don’t let things on the internet bother you. They will but try not to let them bother you. And B.) whatever people are saying about you is how they feel about themselves or they just want attention.

Shane Dawson also reassured all the fans who have become invested in his struggles with the gym and working out.

I don’t want you to to think I just threw away, because I definitely didn’t. And I definitely have been working out a lot and I hate it.

We hope that Shane Dawson is doing better now mentally and physically, regardless of what his weight is!