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Shane Dawson says he molested kids when he was young in old clip

The YouTube community has been embroiled in drama recently. The man who was deemed the ‘King of YouTube’ has fallen from his throne. The internet was canceling Shane Dawson again for his old pedophilic jokes and Blackface jokes. He addressed the issues in a video but shortly after, two dramas befell the YouTuber. One of which was him making a horrendous joke aimed at a poster of an 11-year-old Willow Smith. Another one in which Tati Westbrook accused Shane Dawson of orchestrating an attack against James Charles alongside Jeffree Star. A lot of people came out against Shane Dawson for his pedophilia jokes in the past, one of which was his former close friend Blaire White. She reveals that in one of the podcast clips, Shane Dawson himself admitted to molesting kids when he was younger.

Blaire White puts Shane Dawson in the same boat as every other person she believes to be predatory

In a video, ‘I Never Wanted To Say This About Shane Dawson‘, Blaire White addresses the issue head-on. For those of you who don’t know, Blaire White is a transgender YouTuber that often covers controversial topics and goes after predatory men online. In her history, her efforts have highlighted predators such as Jessica Yaniv and Dahvie Vanity. As much as it hurt her to say this about someone who she was very close with, she did not want to be biased towards Shane Dawson:

I’ve seen you guys ask, ‘So, are you gonna keep the same energy for Shane as you did for Onision and Jessica Yaniv and all these people. The difficult answer is yes. I am going to keep that same energy. I am going to be consistent here. But the real answer is I don’t want to remain consistent but with both my morals and the integrity and purpose of this channel I do have to talk about this.

Furthermore, Blaire White believes that no one can excuse or forgive Shane Dawson for his Willow Smith video if Willow’s family aren’t willing to forgive him.

Blaire White shares details about Shane’s life

Blaire wanted to elaborate on Shane’s story and to assess whether he really was a pedophile and a predator now as an adult. Hence, she shared some details about his life and talked about how he joked about molesting kids:

so that’s one thing when there’s one or two jokes okay when there’s like 30 40 different statements and jokes because again some of them didn’t sound like jokes to me involving kids and the predation of kids like it starts to paint a picture. I think that picture is further painted by some information that maybe not everyone’s aware of which is that Shane Dawson claims that he was victimized as a child himself.

Then Blaire White explains how once you have been molested, you are more likely to become an offender yourself:

So, this leads me into a discussion about how this type of thing as a cycle and this type of a thing when it happens to you as a child can and sometimes statistically does repeat itself. People who were once victims become offenders.

Though, Blaire did not make an accusation that Shane has hurt kids in a predatory way now when he’s an adult.

Shane Dawson admits to molesting kids

Blaire then shared an old voice clip where Shane Dawson admits to molesting kids when he himself was a kid. In the clip, Shane speaks:

Oh, I would molest kids on my street. And that’s another thing that they say about kids who are abused will do. I would like make kids on my street like take their pants off and I’d sp*nk them or like do weird sh*t  to them and it didn’t feel weird at the time. But looking back, I’m like, ‘Ewh.’. I was like molesting kids.

Another person on the clip asks if the kids were his peers. To this Shane replies:

Yeah. I was probably 8 and they were like 7 or something.

Shane Dawson also said that he apologized to them later when he was an adult:

I apologized to them I found them on Facebook. Like one of them was like, ‘Yeah, that’s why my family made me stop hanging out with you’ and I’m like ‘oops’.

At the start of the video, Shane Dawson was also teaching his younger cousin about se*ual intercourse. He was accompanied by his girlfriend at the time, Lisa Schwartz.

The importance of seeking help when you are a victim was highlighted by Blaire

In the end, Blaire White states that she doesn’t want to convince anyone of anything but that she wanted this event to highlight the importance of how a cycle is created when someone is molested, abused or violated:

I don’t want you try to convince anyone to not support someone or take part and cancel culture. But I also don’t want to pass up this opportunity to have the very important conversation of how these things become cycles. And when you’re victimizing this way as a child it tends to  – it’s almost like contagious. Like it these things sometimes are generational and happen in families over and over and over again. That’s why it’s so important to stop the cycle and seek the proper help when it happens to you.

Neither Blaire nor can anyone fully know if Shane Dawson is an actual pedophile or not but he definitely had a problematic behavior.

Let’s see if Shane addresses this and when.

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