Jeffree Star Series by Shane Dawson Includes James Charles Controversial Drama?

Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star Series Last Episode Includes James Charles Controversial Drama?

James Charles X Tati Westbrook X Jeffree Star Drama Explained

Let’s do a bit of a recap. A few months ago, Tati Westbrook uploaded a video, ‘Bye Sister,’ exposing James Charles’s problematic traits and how he is coming on to straight men who aren’t comfortable with his advances.

“Oh my god, you tried to trick a straight man into thinking he’s gay, yet again. And, somehow, you’re the victim. You know, it’s really disgusting to manipulate someone’s sexuality, especially when they are still emerging into adulthood.”

She also explained how James took a brand deal with Tati’s competitor brand, Sugar Bear Hair, when he wanted to get Coachella tickets.

Charles did end up responding and clearing up the allegations entirely. This led to Tati Westbrook deleting her original video ‘Bye Sister’ and posting another on how she wanted to move forward. It seems like she wanted the matter to settle down.

Meanwhile, Jeffree Star uploaded a video where he addressed his hateful comments against James Charles. He stated that he does not want to meddle in any drama anymore. Star said that he regretted being a bad friend to Charles and wished he could have handled the situation differently. Star also stated that he wouldn’t talk about the drama publicly anymore. This was before the Shane Dawson Jeffree Star Series was launched.

Shane Dawson’s Makeup Collection Deal with Morphe Pushed Up James Charles’ Makeup Palette Launch

Even though the Tati Westbrook and James Charles drama was not added to the series, we discovered one thing. James Charles had a deal with Morphe to launch his makeup palette on the date when Shane Dawson released his makeup collection. Via Jeffree Star’s influence, Morphe ended up pushing the date of James Charles’s makeup palette release so that Shane Dawson’s collection could hit right in time for Halloween.

Shane Addresses Why He Didn’t Put The Drama Stuff in the Video

Later, Dawson got on Instagram life and explained why the fans didn’t see the drama in the Jeffree Star series yet.

Originally, he wanted the focal point to contain the drama in the beauty community. But Shane thought he needed to add the details of the palette itself before it launched because that was the series’ goal too.

The fans loved seeing the business side of things so much that Shane made that the focus point. He also ended up adding some heartwarming moments, such as Shane’s proposal to his partner Ryland Adams.

The James Charles drama, in particular, erupted in the middle of the series, then things took a dramatic turn:

“The Dramageddon stuff started taking a turn. It got to a point where it was evident to me that this was so much bigger than drama…So we filmed it all.

He stated that he wanted a happy ending, but it did not seem like it would be like that. It was a true ‘Mean Girl’ situation, as per Dawson.

The Series Became a Source of Healing for the Beauty Community

Shane stated that the series was helping unite the beauty community. The NikkiTutorial story that Jeffree shared in the series where Too Faced gave her a really bad business deal was something that he’s referring to. Everyone has been at the end of unfair business deals, which reminded the beauty gurus why they started the business in the first place: to create makeup. Shane wanted to keep focusing on the good message and not fuel more drama.

Shane Got Confused

So now, the YouTuber is stuck with a confusing decision:

There’s no winning right? If I don’t post any of the drama stuff people are going to be like, ‘You click baited or you lied.’ If I do post the drama stuff [they’ll say], ‘Why are you bringing up old stuff? You’re an asshole.

Dawson also thinks that everyone has grown immensely from the dramatic situation. Though the YouTuber was still confused about what to do, a recent video by Star suggests that they’ll finally address the James Charles Tati Westbrook feud. Perhaps, we will get some answers in the episode of the Jeffree Star series.

Jeffree Star Says They’ll Address The Whole Thing in the Upcoming Episode

He starts by saying that he didn’t think the drama was relevant anymore.

We are really on the fence so I think it’s time to really just address it all in the series and really just dive in and talk about it because if we don’t people are gonna say ‘oh y’all tried to reel us in’ – so I really think that you know let Shane follow his gut. We have nothing to hide obviously. Shane has been living in the beauty community for a year now. And he has seen a lot honey and I think it would be cool to get his perspective on a bunch of things.

Later Shane Dawson posted a story on his Instagram, claiming that the upcoming episode of his Jeffree Star series is going to come this week:

Well, Shane is saying he’ll give his fans everything he promised, which may include James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama.

I hope it’s a positive and happy ending since that’s one of the great parts of Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star series.

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