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Shane Dawson Diss track by itsRucka features Blaire White

Blaire White and Shane Dawson were really good friends. Their fans knew about them being close, especially when Blaire had Shane on her channel when she opened up about her se*ual assault story. But Blaire White is also known for exposing online predators and pedophiles. One of the examples of her going after someone is Jessica Yaniv. After there were some jokes that Shane Dawson made about pedophilia, Blaire White made a difficult video announcing that she’s no longer friends with Shane and that she would always side with the victim in any case. Now, she’s featured in a diss track made by itsRucka that is a parody of who Shane Dawson used to be in 2008.

The Diss Track ‘Shane Dawson’

Blaire Shane

The lyrics mention him getting away with whatever he wanted, and even compared him to Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson:

I could say anything I wanted
Face is painted like Rick Ross’s
Swim in AdSense money
Rap record like Bill Cosby

And the track also shades his allegations of being a pedophile with the line of ‘Get down with my little cousin’. And also the lines ‘I’m browsing Instagram for pics. I think the b*tch is like five or six’.

This is in reference to Shane Dawson’s old jokes about pedophilia and the one instance where he is with his underage cousin and they’re talking about s*x. To make matters worse, Shane was accompanied by his girlfriend at the time, Lisa Schwartz who was joining in on the conversation.

The scandal blew up to a high degree when an old video of Shane resurfaced. In the video, the YouTuber is pretending to pleasure himself to an underage Willow Smith on a poster. This got a reaction from Willow’s family, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Jaden Smith. They were very angry with him and not willing to forgive him.

Moreover, there is also the BlackFace scandal mentioned in the diss track, ‘Bart Baker doing blackface, yeah. I’m the one that taught him all the tricks’.

Although Blaire White is not singing or rapping, she can be seen in the music video alongside itsRucka. She’s walking alongside itsRucka and posing alone as well.

Blaire is no longer friends with Shane

After the scandal was happening, here’s what Blaire White said in her original video about Shane Dawson:

I just have to say that I most definitely don’t condone any of that. I wasn’t aware that that was a thing. That those jokes were a thing. That those statements by him were a thing. They go beyond the limit.

Moreover, she didn’t feel it was okay for her to forgive Shane Dawson for the Willow Smith video because that is something only Willow and her family have a right to do.

She was also rather emotional at having to turn her back on Shane Dawson:

I feel like a very intense loyalty to Shane because he’s done so much for me and he was one of the first people to give me a chance and one of the reasons why people even know my name.

Moreover, in the video, she also called out Jeffree Star for being manipulative and someone she could not trust.

Shane Dawson is still MIA from his YouTube channel

Shane has yet to address all the scandals that have happened so far. Before the Willow Smith video emerged, Shane Dawson did apologize for his old problematic behavior such as doing BlackFace and making pedophilia jokes. He also apologized to James Charles for not being kinder to him during the whole Tati Westbrook X James Charles feud. After that, another drama erupted when Tati Westbrook claimed Shane wasn’t as innocent and he along with Jeffree Star pumped her against James.

Shane only addressed that briefly on an Instagram Live and declared Tati was lying. After that, the YouTuber has taken a long break from his platform. He only appeared on social media to support his fiancé Ryland Adams. And he also appeared in one of Ryland’s YouTube videos.

It’s unclear when he will return to YouTube, but Shane Dawson did share that he intends to come back.

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