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Shane Dawson claims a demon possessed his fiancé Ryland Adams

Once again, Shane Dawson is in the news for an unusual reason. According to him, his fiancé might be possessed by a demon.

Infamous YouTuber, Shane Dawson, has a career full of controversies. More than his content, Dawson stays in the news for his controversial behavior and conspiracy theories. He recently again made headlines when he claimed that a demon possessed his fiancé. So far, more details have not been shared. However, people are bashing him and saying he is just doing this to get attention.

At the age of 19, Shane Dawson entered the world of YouTube and instantly became a hit.

Initially, his content focused on sketch comedy, where he impersonated celebrities and joked about pop culture. Shane Dawson also indulged in a music career and released six original songs, including Superluv!. In 2013, he started his own podcast called Shane and Friends. However, his content took a dramatic turn when he started making videos about conspiracy theories and started a web series called Conspiracy Series with Shane Dawson. he also appeared on the docu-series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. Despite 20 million subscribers and 4 billion views, YouTube stopped monetization of his channel. It happened because of his controversial comments.

Throughout his YouTube career, Dawson has faced criticism and backlash.

From sexualizing minors to making racial jokes, Shane Dawson could not get away with such issues. In 2012, he faced backlash at VidCon for using ‘n***a’ in multiple videos and making jokes about ghetto pranks. At the same time, he made inappropriate comments about pedophilia on his podcast. Despite his making apology videos, Shane Dawson was also heavily criticized by Jaden Smith and Jada Smith. According to them, he sexualized Willow Smith when she was only 11 years old. After the outrage from his followers, Target removed two of his best-selling books from their stores.

Recently, Shane Dawson claimed that his fiancé, Ryland Adams, is possessed by a demon.

Ryland Adams and Dawson have been together since 2016. A few days ago, Shane Dawson posted Instagram stories and claimed that Adams was possessed. According to Dawson, he was about to get in bed when Adams told him that he would die in his sleep. Instantly, Dawson woke him up and asked to explain. However, Adams had no recollection of the conversation. While explaining the incident, Shane Dawson said:

He’s laying down. And then I come into bed, and he goes, ‘Watch out for the balloons! You’re gonna die tonight!’ And he started laughing! Then I said, ‘What?’ And he goes, ‘Don’t fall off the bed — you’re gonna die tonight! Watch out for the balloons, you’re gonna die!’

Furthermore, he described the incident as creepy and horrifying.

We were just talking about it, and how there may be a demon in his body. We might have gotten a haunted antique from an antique store. Maybe the chandelier.

After Shane Dawson faced intense criticism for his past content, the couple relocated to Colorado. The incident happened in their new house. Knowing Shane Dawson, he might start a new series to cover paranormal activity in his house.

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