Shane Dawson Breaks Social Media Silence to Support Ryland Adams’ New Podcast

Shane Dawson briefly returned to social media to support his fiancé Ryland Adams. Ryland has come up with a new podcast talk show ‘The Sip’ with his friend Lizze Gordon. It seems like Ryland was working really hard on this and it’s a project that was really close to his heart.

Shane Dawson is very proud of Ryland Adams

YouTuber Shane Dawson broke his social media silence to come out in support of Ryland. He shared on his Instagram Stories that he wasn’t planning on coming to the internet so soon:

I wasn’t planning on coming back to the internet for a while but today is a special day for my best friend and I want to be there for him the way he has always been there for me.

And further promised that he is going to address a lot of things in the future. But at the time, he wants to just focus on Ryland:

shane insta stories

Shane Dawson gushes at Ryland Adams and speaks on their relationship together:

Shane Ryland BFF Shane Ryland Rock

Shane explains how Ryland has helped make his life better in a wonderful way.

He adds a fun post in it as well:

ryland adams friend

Then Shane Dawson goes on to explain that one of the biggest dreams of Ryland Adams was to have his own talk-show.

Ryland Passion talk show

Then further Shane explains that he watched Ryland ‘work so hard to reach for those dreams.’

“I watched him do what he was great at and what I believe he was born to do.”

Shane Dawson further praised his beau, Ryland Adams, for growing and evolving:

Ryland Adams Grew

Then Shane Dawson revealed the news that Ryland Adams has created his own talk show!

Ryland Adams has a new podcast talk-show ‘The Sip’ accompanied with co-host Lizze Gordon.

shane reveals news Shane ryland adams the sip lizzie Shane

This was something both Ryland and Lizzie were passionate about. For Ryland Adams fans, his dream of having a talk-show won’t be surprising. Ryland’s career actually started as a talk-show host and interviewer.

However, having his own personal show gives him freedom that he could not get when he was working for other companies.

Ryland Adams himself did a promo for the new show ‘The Sip’ on his YouTube Channel. In the video titled ‘What’s Next For Me…”, he shared his reasons for creating it:

if you’ve been following my journey it’s no secret that I came from a background of doing entertainment news which I loved doing so much and I feel like this podcast is the perfect intersection of a place where I can talk about things I would never talk about on my channel just because it doesn’t it doesn’t really fit the narrative of my channel.

And in the video, you can also watch a sample of his new podcast ‘The Sip’:


Shane Dawson seems really proud of Ryland Adams for following his dreams and doing something that he loves.

Shane still hasn’t addresses his controversies

A while ago, Shane Dawson was involved in multiple controversies including his past use of Blackface, his involvement with that Tati Westbrook X Jeffree Star X James Charles scandal, and his past pedophilia jokes.

The drama escalated further when an old video of him doing something inappropriate to an underage Willow Smith emerged and Tati Westbrook claimed that Shane and Jeffree manipulated her against James Charles.

Shane Dawson has yet to address all these allegations before he can fully return on his YouTube channel. He only returned briefly on Ryland’s YouTube channel for a short appearance.

He also added on his Instagram stories:


Shane Dawson further added that Ryland Adams didn’t really want Shane to break the social media silence for him. But, Shane added that there’s nothing in the world that he’d rather do than there for him on his special day.

The podcast,’The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon’ is available to listen on Apple Podcasts.

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