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Shane Dawson asked underage fans to send him seductive poses on Dailybooth

Last year, popular YouTuber Shane Dawson got involved in many controversies. They were mainly about the inappropriate jokes he had made in his old videos where the jokes were racist in nature. Some of the more shocking ones include him making jokes about pedophilia. In one instance, he’s pretending to pleasure himself with a poster of a musician, Willow Smith. Willow was just 11 then, so her family was outraged entirely at the old video that resurfaced. More disturbing evidence resurfaced when he asked his underage fans to send highly inappropriate poses to him on a DailyBooth website.

The inappropriate pictures that were sent to Shane Dawson

As provided by Twitter user @fxrtherecord, there are many examples of Shane Dawson asking for inappropriate poses by his fans. It all happened on an old website DailyBooth, which was kind of like an older version of Instagram.

Most of the requests made by Shane Dawson were odd, but some of them were simply problematic. Dawson would ask his fans, most of whom were underage at the time, to send pictures as if they were in a p*rn video. He would even ask them to pretend to give birth or to be giving a bl*wj*b.

In one instance, Shane Dawson also asks his fans to send him pictures of their private parts, which is highly inappropriate.

And these are not isolated incidents, he made a YouTube video where he interacted with fans on Omegle. In one video, he has his mother with him, and they ask an underage girl to tw*rk for them. One girl did end up doing that. The tw*rking is definitely something inappropriate to ask from your fans, especially if they’re underage. Throughout the video, Shane is also asking fans to “show themselves”, which is highly problematic too.

It might just be a joke for Shane Dawson but many fans responded on DailyBooth with answering Shane’s requests. Some of his requests also asked young girls to pretend they were giving birth. He even asked fellow YouTuber, Lia Marie Johnson to do that.

Dawson has kissed an underage fan in the past.

Shane’s past problematic behavior also includes him kissing an underage fan. The fan says that she was at an event of Shane Dawson’s and he had created a s*xual environment where it made her feel okay to ask for a kiss from him:

Not only did he make me think that asking him for a kiss was okay, he agreed to it when he absolutely knew it was not okay. The first time I met him at Vidcon 2011, I sobbed as I told him how much he meant to me and gave him sole credit for saving my life.

Most of his old jokes do include p*dophilia that he thought was merely dark humor. Shane Dawson has addressed his old jokes and said he was a different person back then. But he has not addressed everything, including the Willow Smith incident and the DailyBooth pictures. He has also not addressed the Tati Westbrook scandal where she accused him and Jeffree Star of manipulating her into attacking James Charles during 2019.

Currently, he’s not returned to YouTube but has made minor appearances on his fiance Ryland Adams’ YouTube channel. Shane Dawson has also appeared on his own social media and has posted a few Instagram Stories.

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