‘Sesame Street’ character Grover accused of Uttering The F-word In The Sesame Street Clip

This  Thursday’s  Grover got a bum rap for using an f-word in an online Sesame Street  Clip

The 167 Emmy Awards and 8 Grammy Awards winner; kid’s favorite ‘Sesame Street’ is under fire for a f*—-ing business.

The ‘Sesame Street’ character Grover was blamed for dropping the F-bomb online

Recently a viral video turns speculative about Grover’s hushed tone. Where it is still a wringer that the adorable puppet used an F-word.

The seven-second video clip,  posted to Reddit, showcased the blue Muppet commenting on a camera shoot.

The ‘F– or Not F–‘  Sesame Street Controversy

Seeing that, viewers threw dual responses to the clips. Some of them after watching the clip from the popular children’s show said that the  two characters Grover and Rosea were  on a video call when  Grover says, “Move the camera — yes, yes — that sounds like an excellent idea!”

However, another group of viewers contradicted this statement and are sure that the renowned puppet is saying, “That’s a f** king excellent idea!

The perplexed video reached Reddit this Thursday

In fact, a Twitter member, J.D. Durkin first reported the scandal. Grover perhaps discharges this lexical f-bomb two times.  ,

Grover’s turbulence is similar to “Yanny or Laurel,”


Secondly, this current misunderstanding corresponds to a similar case of “Yanny or Laurel,” a frenzy controversy that sparked up in  May. In the stated case, listeners gave two verdicts, some said that the robotic male voice said the word Yanny, while the others confirmed that they heard the word, Laurel.  It is, however, possible that what the audience hears depends on the speakers of their digital devices. Moreover, 53 percent of listeners heard the name Laurel and 47 percent heard Yanny.

Correspondingly, one Grover fan defended the puppet on Twitter, “People are saying Grover said f*** somewhere in here but he clearly says no such thing,”

Fans Responses On The Grover’s Talk

However, another listener has put his theory, “Just saw this on Reddit and it blew my mind, is Grover saying ‘yes, yes, that’s a f***ing excellent idea’ or ‘yes, yes that sounds like an excellent idea. I can hear both depending on which one I’m thinking in my head!”

In fact, many fans like that of Skivvies2 are waiting for Sesame Street’s response on the issue as, neither the show nor the network has yet commented on the controversy.

Skivvies tweeted.“It’s telling that Sesame Street has not reacted yet,”

Grover’s Case Resembles Dress Puzzle

Similarly, another popular dress photograph became viral on 26 February 2015, viewers have different perceptions of its color. Some thought the color of the dress is black and blue, however, most of the viewers spot it as white and gold.

Consequently, The Independent has contacted Sesame Street for comment regarding the dispute.

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