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Secret Obsession Movie Review: Watch It For Brenda Song Only

Secret Obsession Movie Review: Watch It For Brenda Song Only

This movie is for all the Suite Life of Zac and Cody fans out there. Secret Obsession stars Brenda Song and that’s the only redeeming quality about the movie.

Secret Obsession Has No Plot Whatsoever

I’m not going to lie. I had no hopes from this movie when I watched the trailer. For the looks of the trailer it looked like a typical horror thriller with mediocre writing and acting. Well I’ve got to give it to the movie because it really landed on all those expectations. The plot of the movie revolves around a woman (Brenda Song) who was hiding from someone, got into an accident, gets amnesia, meets her supposed husband who by the end turns out to be the guy she was running from. This was all revealed in the trailer too by the way.

From the opening scene you know the movie is going to be bad. Brenda’s character is running and panting with the most generic horror music in the background. Five minutes into the movie I was done. I had no will whatsoever to continue watching the movie. But I went on for Brenda Song because it’s been ages since I last saw her on the screen.

Brenda Song Was Just Not Enough

When you’re watching Secret Obsession, just keep your expectations low. For a horror thriller, it fails on so many levels. No twists and turns. No keeping you on the edge. There’s literally nothing. Even the characters, they’re bland and fake. There’s no conviction in the acting. I continued watching the movie for Brenda Song and I hate to say it but she disappoints. She barely has any lines and has only one emotion. She’s expressionless throughout the movie and just keeps on running.

The other main character played by Mike Vogel is as bland and boring as Brenda’s. His character is supposed to be the villain but you’re not supposed to know that. However, you do. From the start you know he’s the bad guy and you’re just waiting for the movie to end. Another important character in the movie was of Detective Page. I’ll give it to them that they tried giving him a back story but guys come on! Detective with a missing daughter is an old trope. Hollywood get over it!

The Verdict

Should you watch the movie? No. But if you’re bored then go ahead. Secret Obsession is that cringey bad thriller that you just end up watching one day on your television. So, when you’re bored one day and want to watch something of Brenda Song’s, watch Secret Obsession. Or just watch the trailer. There’s literally nothing new in the movie. I’ll give this movie a 2 out of 10. And that 2 is only for Brenda Song. Not because of her acting in this movie but because she’s London Tipton and I love her.