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Save Spinning Out | The Petition Goes Live After Cancellation

Someone needs to hide the Netflix ax before they cancel more shows. They just canceled the figure skating drama Spinning Out after one season. What’s the rush? The show just premiered on January 1, 2020. And it was not just a figure skating drama. Spinning Out showed the dark side of the competition, shed light on mental health and bipolar disorder, More importantly, it left us hanging after season 1. All it deserves is a renewal for season 2, not cancellation. If you are a fan too, then sign the petition to Save Spinning Out.

Why Netflix Canceled The Show?

Netflix does not want to end the curiosity. Whether Kate Baker (Kaya Scodelario) and Justin (Evan Roderick) made it to the Nationals? We’ll never know. Spinning Out received positive reviews from almost every viewer out there. It has 63% score at Tomatometer with a 91% Audience Score. (Hoping this 91 % want to save Spinning Out).

The sources confirm that Netflix reviewed one month’s worth of viewership data before axing the show. Apaaranelty, the cost and benefit analysis did not help much. However, it is unclear at this moment that how can Netflix cancel Spinning Out after just one month, while hang Bonding for a year before renewing it for season 2?

Save Spinning Out

The viewers and Spinning Out fans are not happy with the decision. (Neither am I). They have started a petition to save their favorite show. The petition is titled: Fans Demand the Renewal of Netflix’s ‘Spinning Out’ for a Second Season. So far, 13,634 people have signed this petition (including me). Victoria Cotaj, who started the petition, says:

Actors Kaya Scodelario and Evan Roderick deserve to continue to tell the story of Kat and Justin that they so immaculately brought to life. With such hard work and dedication on their part (and the part of all the other actors) to bring this incredible story to life, it is a shame to end it improperly. Their story isn’t done yet.

Victoria states that we pay Netflix to watch shows we love. That’s why Netflix cannot cancel a loved show without thinking about the fanbase.

Will the fans succeed in saving Spinning Out? It’s highly unlikely considering the show does not have a huge fanbase compared to other shows that got canceled by Netflix. And even after the petitions, the shows were not saved. We can still hope for the best though. Sign the petition and let’s get #SaveSpinningOut trending.

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