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Is Sabrina Carpenter’s Cryptic Apology About Griffin Gluck?

People have been talking about Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck for a while now. It is not clear whether they are together. But many hints on social media and fan theories speculate that they are. However, things turn to an interesting point when Sabrina Carpenter posted a rather cryptic tweet.

Sabrina Carpenter Posts Cryptic Tweet

A few days ago, Sabrina Carpenter posted a public apology. She acknowledged the fact that people will have their own subjective perceptions about the truth but she’s still wanting to apologize:

I realized there’s simply no way to have the truth be perceived the way you want. some of you will believe me, some of you won’t, so i have to accept that.

Then she goes on to apologize for her associating with someone in the past:

but i am so terribly sorry that someone i have associated with had done things in the past to make you question my character in the present. I didn’t them at that time.

Sabrina Carpenter continues her rather vague tweet to then talk about how the person in question is changed now. Along with that, she also mentioned how she does not support those past actions

That is not who I know them to be now. I’m sorry some of you felt personally victimized, i understand if you were hurt or confused but, as it wasn’t my actions, i didn’t feel it was my place to explain, other than what I’ve already said which is, I’m not in support of those past actions.

Sabrina also admitted that she wouldn’t know exactly what to say to make everyone happy but she was preaching a message of forgiveness:

Nothing i say will be the right exact thing to fully make you happy or understand the situation but i hope you know none of us will ever grow if we don’t allow other a chance to grow.

Sabrina Carpenter Tweet seems to be about Griffin Gluck

She talked about how someone she knows now did questionable things in the past. Now, my guesses are that it is Griffin Gluck. Apparently, there are allegations from the internet that Griffin Gluck used to be transphobic. I did investigate that but didn’t find anything that could legitimately prove it.

Though, I did find some screenshots where Griffin Gluck is appearing to like an offensive picture that is anti-trans:

Griffin Gluck Transphobic

After some research, I found out that the account in this screenshot did not have those offensive pictures anymore. So, I could not prove this.

However, fans on Twitter are pretty sure that Sabrina Carpenter was talking about Griffin Gluck and his past transphobic behavior:

Fans are still supporting Sabrina Carpenter

There are some fans that are praising the singer and actress for speaking publicly about it. Some even state that she didn’t have to do this but they’re glad she did:

So, Griffin Gluck has made no public apology about his past transphobic behavior. The Twittersphere does believe he is guilty and needs to apologize. Let’s see if he addresses these allegations.